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Beauty / 06.12.2019

 Who doesn't like a bit of glam for the Holidays? I enjoy putting my hair in hot rollers, using some Bumble and Bumble volume spray and may even add a pearl barrette or two. Not only do I like my hair to have a certain glam factor for Christmas, but I want a different look with my makeup for the Season and this makeup speaks to you! I want to introduce you to the company, REALHER. 
Beauty / 27.09.2019

 By now, you may think you have the routine you want down, in regards to skincare. I got into products in my later 30s and would like to have started earlier, but as a college student, I didn't have the funds for such things! Remember turning in your book at the end of the semester only to get 10 percent of what it was worth in exchange? Remember Ramen Noodle packages, being the cuisine of the day? Today,m however I am talking about a skin care laser that I received from NIRA.
Beauty, Fashion / 26.04.2019

Hello Ladies, and Happy Friday!Are you thinking about what to get mom for Mother's Day? I have been looking up some ideas and thought I would share them with you. My mom will soon be visiting us at the end of June, as my sister and I both live in the Charlotte area.My Mom loves to read. My Dad loved to read. They would go through books like  I go through bubble bath and Epsom salts.** There are affiliate links below. Clicking on them is no cost to you.Mother's Day Gift IdeasMother's Day Gift Card from AmazonMom's got a Kindle...