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Beauty / 18.11.2016

holidaypicI do not go out on Black Friday. I avoid it like the Plague! One year, I do remember being at a Best Buy at 5 am, in Pittsburgh, freezing while waiting for a laptop that would never come. The claim to have "just run out" of the discounted item many of us were waiting for. I also didn't feel good about looking through the store as other people's elbows and shoulders ended up pushing their way through without an "excuse me" in sight. I thought, what is SO IMPORTANT that people are acting like this? I didn't feel right about being there, as there was NOTHING i needed so badly.Anyway, I do 98% of my shopping on-line, in my robe, with coffee in hand. I find it much less stressful. No crowds, lines, people running in different directions. I do end up going to Target for decor and  boxed Cards. My main point is, to make it less stressful on yourself. Stress, eating poorly, sleeping poorly can take a toll during this Holiday Season.
Beauty / 08.09.2016

Did somebody say "Malbec"? I have always been more of a red wine drinker, and Spanish wines are some of my favorites. Today, I am not reviewing wines, ( as much as I'd like to!) but several products of the Vine Vera Resveratrol Malbec DNA collection.  I was gifted the collection and want to give you a review of some of the products. VineVera is a Luxury Skin Care Line where each collection is named after a particular wine, with varying ingredients. I am going to give you a bit of info from each one, and to let you know...

Beauty / 25.06.2015

home-thumb-custom-whitening-traysToday I am talking to you about a product I was given the opportunity to try, called Smile Brilliant. I have wanted to look into teeth whitening before, asked my dentist, and he told me I was about the second or 3rd whitest on the teeth scale, when they bring out the tooth colors, so at that time I didn't feel the rush. However, I am now quite excited to share the experience I had with Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit. They have been featured in Forbes mag. as one product to try at home.
Beauty / 18.04.2014

Hi Everyone,Just thought I would talk about skin care a bit. When did you start using moisturizer? Eye cream? What is your routine like? I know that I began with moisturizer about 10 years ago, but trying out many products seem to be the key. Is this something that you invest in and buy the department store brands, or do you find drug store brands just as good? Here is some of my routine, as I plan on doing another post on the makeup I use and fair skin.I like to use a face mask several times a week. I...

Beauty / 13.03.2014

 Ok, I am going to show my age here a bit, and say I remember a perfume that was around the house growing up . Who remembers Jean Nate? I can not remember all of the names, but remember many with a very strong scent, and also a musky smell. That definately is not me!! I also remember my dad's soap on a rope, and Polo for men. I now love floral scents, clean and light My favorite perfume is Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, and I do also like the Chance line. As a gift two Valentine's Day's ago, I received...