Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022- With Inflation High, We Need a Sale! - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022- With Inflation High, We Need a Sale!


Today I am sharing some Nordstom Anniversary sale picks for 2022.

Nordstrom Sale 2022

I am not a blogger who likes to inundate with the Nordstrom sale, so, this will be my one dedicated post

Boy, isn’t everything going up in price?  “Inflation is at an all-time high at 9.1% and exceeds forecasts-“Bloomburg.

With gas prices soaring as well as groceries and eating out; where do you cut costs?

Well, you can certainly stop buying clothes, but if you are in the need for things for an upcoming trip, or to add to your Fall closet, a sale certainly helps!

I usually buy items on sale, or through thrifting, which is another avenue to go to cut costs.

Today, I am, however, sharing some of my picks from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale for this year. I have been scouring the sale for shoes for our Italy trip as I am looking to be able to wear them all day and walk on cobblestone streets.  I have shoes that check off that box, but am looking for some leather sneakers, to be specific. Chelsea boots with a chunky sole may also work well in this scenario.

*These are affiliate links in which the blog may make a small commission, by purchasing, at no extra cost to you.

Here are my curated picks:

In addition, if you missed my Amazon Storefront and are interested in checking out what I have curated there, CLICK HERE. Some of the items are items I would have chosen for our trip.

21 Years

We celebrated our 21st Anniversary yesterday and I wonder, where did the years go? Of course, I can’t forget one thing that happened at our wedding. (And I can’t forgive the Priest!) The Priest knew I was a kindergarten and music teacher and decided to take it upon himself to have the Cantor sing the “ABC song ” as I walked down the aisle!! It was supposed to be “Trumpet Voluntary”! To say I was mortified was an understatement! I was shocked and surprised. Don’t you think as a Music graduate, I would prefer the latter?

I am thankful my husband didn’t sing the “Barney Song” as well. You know, “I Love You, you love me”…


Are you interested in getting a few deals from the Nordstrom Sale?

Have a great weekend!

Jess xx

  • jodie filogomo
    Posted at 20:53h, 16 July Reply

    Wow, what a memory of your wedding, tee hee. Happy anniversary.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:25h, 18 July Reply

      Believe me, that is one thing I would like to forget! Just keeping the good memories alive at 21 years!

  • Kathy Franklin
    Posted at 10:58h, 15 July Reply

    Oh my goodness Jess! I can’t believe your husband had the ABC song played as your wedding processional. You must love him a lot, ’cause you married him anyway, lol.

    My husband and I are both music teachers. We had a brass choir made up of friends and my husband’s trombone teacher. We also had the church organist playing solo. We picked pieces that were not likely to be played at anyone else’s wedding. My processional was John Dunstable’s Agincourt Hymn played on the organ. In the 48 years we’ve been married I can honestly say we have not heard our wedding music played at other ceremonies.

    I found you blog just a few months ago and love seeing your fashion choices. My style is similar to yours, though I do not have your enviable willowy body.

    We have one more thing in common. My 36 year old younger daughter was diagnosed with EDS around 3 years ago. It stopped her career as a musical theatre performer in its tracks. She can no longer sing or dance. Of course, since EDS is hereditary, I had to do some digging into our family tree. I found that it comes from my side of the family. I have a mild case. I am “fortunate” that the only consequence for me has been chronic bouts of tendinitis since I turned 40. I have had tendinitis in 13 different joints and often struggle for years to get rid of it. I have learned through painful trial and error how to usually resolve the problem. Doctors were never any help. I was just told that either I was not following their instructions or that I had to expect to face bouts of tendinitis because I was “no longer a spring chicken!” I finally figured out for myself that oftentimes the problem is caused by some muscle or group of muscles shortening and tightenng and pulling on a tendon. Diligent stretching when I have a tendinitis flare-up is my go-to solution.

    I am more and more convinced as time goes on that EDS is not as rare as most doctors seem to think. I met my first student family with EDS 10 years ago. I had never heard of the condition until I met that student and his parents. Both parents have EDS and their son inherited a double whammy. In the past 5 years I have taught 4 more students with the condition! In all of those cases, multiple members of their families have inherited the problem. Maybe it is just coincidence, or maybe EDS is drastically underdiagnosed. I made it into my 60s without an answer to my tendinitis problem. EDS is still not in my official medical chart. However, when I look at issues among my 5 siblings, my 2 daughters, and 2 grandsons, and my mom, her sister, and her brother, who are all in their 90s, the pattern is clear. The hyperflexibility most of us have, sway backs, scoliosis, caved-in chest, chronic tendinitis, etc. now makes sense. I find it ironic that no doctor ever saw a pattern until my younger daughter started experiencing unexplained muscle pain. The reason for her great flexibility as a dancer, the dance injuries she had as a young teenager, the ankle injuries, the significant scoliosis that arose when she was 16, and finally the chronic pain she began experiencing in her early 30s is now finally known.

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