One Outfit I am Packing for the Beach
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One Outfit I Will Be Packing for the Beach- And it’s Wrinkle Free!l


Yes, I am talking about one of my favorite brands, Clara Sunwoo! This top reminded me of the ocean, and the clear blue skies.

The Blues from Clara Sunwoo

This is one of the outfits I will be packing for our trip on June 22nd to the Isle of Palms. This top caught my eye, as I thought it would be perfect for our upcoming beach trip and reminded me of the ocean. Ok, maybe not the clear waters of North Carolina beaches, perhaps more of the Carribean, but the ocean or clear blue skies, nonetheless.

The gauchos or wide leg cropped pants are soft and come in two other colors, grey and black.ย  I chose the navy to go with the blues in this top, and they can also take the place of jeans when it gets too hot! They have a 3 inch soft waistband, and there is no elastic to dig into the belly. I have Gastroperesis and IBS, and I just don’t like when pants do that. So these are a dream! They are also made in the US and wrinkle-free, so there are a few Clara Sunwoo dresses and outfits I will be taking to the beach. Isn’t the last thing you want to do when you travel is iron?

The Outfit

As I looked into my closet recently, I do have many colors that work with my “Autumn” coloring, especially the greens. It was time for some more blues, and I couldn’t resist this cap sleeve top and its print. I love a watercolor print, and the side tie is perfect for showing your figure a bit more, accentuating the waist.ย  You can certainly choose to tie it as tight as you want.

If you are wearing a more fitted top, I usually recommend that the bottoms be a bit flowier or in this case, a wider, cropped leg. The balance of your outfit is important. Wide cropped pants and wide leg high rise jeans have really been quite popular, and are a great change from a fitted silhouette, especially in the summer. Summer in the South can be very hot, so you want clothes that are breathable, and these pieces are as cool as linen and cotton.


Here we went to Shelton Vineyards on this day, and love to Vineyard hop, (on different days mind you, I am a 2-glass max kind of gal!). Shelton is a part of the Yadkin Valley, and the grounds are gorgeous. I will be posting some pictures on Instagram on stories. There are flowers, bridges, a pond, and fountain. We ate at their restaurant, and I had breaded cornbread trout with spinach and rice. It was delicious! My hubby had some kind of sandwich and pasta salad. Is it just me, or do guys eat a lot of sandwiches?

We really do love our Cabernets, but it was hot, and my white wine of choice is a Chardonay, but it can’t be buttery. Crisp, fruit, and preferably in a stainless-steel barrel. But as long as it isn’t buttery, I am good.

We hadn’t been to this Vineyard in about 8 years, and it was not dog friendly then. Since then, the kids took over the vineyard and welcome dogs. We met little Lucy, a 6-month-old shih tzu (I couldn’t stop playing with her!) and there were 2 other shih tzus there! We said it was a shih tzu Convention! It was so cute, as my boy Gibson, really kind of wanted to play with her, but didn’t know what to make of her with all of the squeaks and barks, with her head and in playing position. The interaction was certainly adorable. Lucy is pictured below.

I love that my girl Truffles wanted in on this photoshoot! Usually, she is in the background hiding a bit.

Little Lucy

Travel Pieces

As you know, I have mentioned Clara Sunwoo, in many other posts, but they just are the perfect garments for travel as well. You can roll them up, take mix and match pieces, and still wrinkle free. We are going to Spain in the Fall, and I will be packing some pieces in a carryon.

Most likely, what I am wearing here, I will wear in the car on the way to Charleston. For us, it is about 3.5 to 4 hours of a drive. Totally doable!

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Have a great day and join me for Turning Heads Tuesday linkup!

Jess xx

  • Leslie Clingan
    Posted at 17:26h, 22 June Reply

    You got my attention with ‘wrinkle-free’. What a bonus for this gorgeous top. It’s so pretty, I wouldn’t mind ironing it a bit. But how nice that it isn’t necessary. The colors remind me of sea glass. We spent one beach trip picking up oodles of sea glass in blues and greens.

    Your pups are adorable. I have always had big dogs but not sure I could manage walking them now days. Would be afraid of being pulled over. My Huskies were very hard to walk – especially when I was pushing a 2 year old in a stroller and 9 months pregnant. Someday I would like to have a little lap pup.

  • Marsha Banks
    Posted at 23:09h, 17 June Reply

    You look stunning in this glorious blue top, Jess! I look at that all the time and think how pretty it is. Don’t you love the gauchos from Clara Sunwoo? So comfortable and swishy! I think you’ll look just fabulous ion the Isle of Palms!

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