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Uncategorized / 02.05.2014

 Today was a dog lovers dream day. I know my one pup, Gibson, looks forward to it. Truffles on the other hand, enjoys it, but gets a little apprehensive. I am talking about an event in the Lake Norman area, called Bark in the Park. So many dogs, so little time. My husband tells me, I am like a kid, where I go up to strangers and ask if I can pet their dog. Well, I think it only polite It is a day where there are contests: Cutest Dog, Look-alike with their owner contest ( we could have participated...

Uncategorized / 03.04.2014

I admittedly and through my site, am more of a skirt, dress person.  I do like certain kinds of pants, but since I have leg sensitivity, I can only wear pants that are loose, comfortable, and more on the soft side, even though I would love to wear a pair of leather pants that were a cool trend this season. I can wear boyfriend jeans, and may  show those another time on here as well. Isn't it funny the more clothes you have, you still stare into your closet. I did some spring cleaning, and organization, but I said...