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Fashion / 04.11.2019

 Good Morning friendsI hope you enjoyed your weekend!We kept it pretty low key and went out for drinks Saturday, Sunday I had cleaning to do, so we just worked around the house. With the many fabrics, textures, and colors for Fall, I decided it was time-faux leather weather.
Fashion, Link Up / 20.02.2018

 Morning friendsAs the weather warms up, I wanted to make sure I styled another one of my velvet pieces. This jacket was from Ann Taylor and a steal on Poshmark. I was on a spree there for awhile, with the on-line thrift store, but lately have just been browsing, as I need more spring blouses and next season's clothes. I am ready for some Spring shopping! It was a grey day, as we went out to one of our favorite wine bars, but beforehand, a photoshoot!
Fashion, Link Up / 08.03.2016

IMG_6799IMG_6795Hello LadiesWelcome to another #Turningheadstuesday!   I hope everyone had a nice weekendI know it is March and we are getting antsy for Spring. I , however, just found this vintage  tweed jacket and didn't want to wait until next year to share it. So, I promise a spring look for next week. Today I am sharing a few tips on wearing Vintage without looking like you went back in a time machine. I do tell my husband from time to time that I would love to travel back to a different era. Not stay there forever, but just experience the time, clothes, people.music . If you are watching the Stephen King book turned tv show 11/22/16 the character has traveled back in time to try and prevent a historical event from happening, having to know the era, the clothes, cars, and events pertaining to that day.