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Fashion, Places / 24.08.2015

  ash8Hi Ladies!Hope you all had a great weekend. We are winding down on the trip and this is our last week here. We have enjoyed so many culinary delights, discovered new vineyards with the pups, loafed through this artsy city, and enjoyed the mountains through walks in the woods and it's views.Just one of the views of "SkyBar" a bar off the rooftop and on a fire escape of one of the tall buildings in Asheville. You can't beat the view! We had a great time!
Fashion, Uncategorized / 14.11.2014

IMG_5370TGIF Ladies!Well, this time last week, we were seeing movie shorts in Asheville. THe great thing about shorts is, well, they are short> If you really like the characters, sometimes you want it to continue, but if the short drags, then it is at most 12 minutes!! We had an excellent group of movies to watch, many love stories, unique time travel, quirky endings and the like.