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Fashion, Link Up / 06.06.2017

 Hello Ladies,First I want to thank you for the well wishes last week. We had a great time at my relatives house and the weather was just right most days. It was a nice change of pace and visit. I'm trying to get a bit caught up on the blog, as when I take a break, I do like to stay off the computer and only post on certain socials, giving me some "time off". I styled  a more casual look yesterday and wrote about how a piece of statement jewelry can amplify a casual look. I have chosen one of my favorite pieces of bling to style this dressy look today.
Fashion / 06.08.2014

IMG_3654Hello Ladies! Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is having a great week. Someone told me the other day I had a great smile. I told her that I have been conditioned, as my dad had a darkroom growing up, so that is what we learned to do. So, regardless of how I feel, I am compelled to smile in almost all of my photographs.
Uncategorized / 28.04.2014

 Morning everyone!There is one thing about spring, among many that I enjoy seeing. I don't know much about flowers, but I know which I like. I couldn't tell you the names of flowers like my parents or mother-in -law could, they are all avid gardeners. I just love to see blooming tulips, roses, rhododendren bushes, so many others. When we went out with the pups for a sip or two of wine, we decided to take some pictures near these beautiful purple and orchid colored flowers.Prior to, I had to get out of the car as my husband circled for...