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Fashion / 30.09.2019

 Happy Monday!By now my readers know how much I love Jambu shoes. The memory foam footbeds and all-terrain make them so easy to walk in and very cushiony! A requirement for me nowadays! The Roma bootie is the gorgeous leather bootie I had chosen from the Fall 2019 Jambu Collection.Jambu booties and My OutfitSince standing for periods of time is a real challenge with EDS, it does help to not only have a cushioned footbed made of memory foam,  but a lower block heel. These are just over 2 inches tall and just perfect!The all-terrain footbed and the memory foam...

Fashion / 19.09.2017

Happy Turning heads Tuesday ladies!We had a fun weekend at "Woofstock", a music, food truck and brewery event in NoDa, an arts district near where I live. I couldn't pass up a doggy event! There were several Dog Rescues there, waiting for adoption, as well as the entrance fee going to support the charity. You all know how much i love dogs, as it was a good time!  As for Fashion, today, I decided to take out my plaid vest, ( plaid is hot this season!)  and style a look around it.
Fashion / 04.09.2017

Happy Monday friends!I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend as we get closer to heading into Fall. I love the cooler weather we have been having in NC.. the oppressive heat is over! Fall is my favorite season and it always has been, as I love the colors of the leaves, fresh air, cooler air , camping among other things and warm and cozy fashion.. ( not to mention pumpkin spice everything!) But as we talk about Fall fashion, let's look at some of the Trends.Are you a trend setter? Or do you avoid trends as you don't...

Uncategorized / 03.08.2015

IMG_8174Hello LadiesThis post is going to be short but sweet. Hubby, Gibson and Truffles are going to the mountains. Asheville, a beautiful place where the Blue Ridge Parkway has miles and miles of scenic views. Where art and music are a mainstay. A laid back nature is mandatory. I hope to share with you some of my trip, places we go, food we eat, and fun to be had. I want to go tubing!In the meantime, today I have a post with a casual vibe. I hope to pair these shorts with a mixed pattern another time, but today loved the look of a vibrant orchid colored peplum top. I am a fan of peplum, as one can wear this sleeveless, or depending on what you one is comfortable with, put a button down collared top under it. The shorts in peach, pink, and orchid caught my eye because of the colors. I don't own alot of summer plaid
Fashion, Uncategorized / 02.01.2015

[caption id="attachment_5083" align="aligncenter" width="900"]Over the Knee boots with my plaid Mini Skirt Over the Knee Boots with my plaid Mini[/caption] TGIF!Yes, ladies, it is hard to believe it is now 2015, and we have to continually remember that for our blogs, writing checks, and just life! Another year has pasts and this is the time everyone starts to think of New Years Resolutions. Do you do this, or are you one that just tries for goals and such throughout the year? Well, since it is the Friday after the New Year, I thought I would show you one of the things that Santa brought.
Uncategorized / 01.12.2014

IMG_5353Hi Ladies,Happy Monday. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. ( or weekend in general). I got to enjoy some turkey, and some of the traditional Thanksgiving fare with a bottle of Red Guitar, an inexpensive Tempranillo, which is one of my favorites. Today, I am wearing one of my favorite hats, as I love the cloths, the 20s style hat. I have about 3 of them so far, but here in Charlotte, there is a limited time to wear them.