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Fashion / 19.12.2014

IMG_5850TGIF!Rounding the bend to the Holiday Season, and getting closer to Christmas. I know upon first reading, if you are from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, perhaps you are thinking I am writing about the Pittsburgh Steelers. I know my dad will be sorry to hear that , that is not the case, I am writing once again about fashion. Fashionable Steelers? No just fashion, for the Holidays to be exact.
Fashion / 03.11.2014

IMG_5261Ah, it is one of those mornings! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and ... my pup is staring at me to get up and get him his meal!! Who is the owner here? Anyhow, he does keep me on a schedule and I decided to was a good morning to wear one of my favorite sweater dresses. You will learn over the course of the next several months, that I love sweater dresses,because they are like nightgowns, are as comfortable, and I think they look pretty swell. ( Always wanted to say "swell" ) ( Too much "Leave it to Beaver" as a child!)
Fashion / 24.10.2014

IMG_5117TGIF LadiesI know I am running a little late with my post, but sleep was certainly needed, and I think it was just my lack of and all of the activity that was catching up with me! I just kept thinking of that song, "Grey Skies are Gonna Clear Up" ..put on a happy face. We have had quite a bit of rain and grey skies, but I am referring to just loving the grey trend as it can be combined with many colors, or your classic black.