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Uncategorized / 28.07.2014

IMG_3428and the livin' is easy! Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high. Oh, my Daddy's rich, and my ma is good lookin', so hush, little baby don't you cry... If you aren't sure why I am talking this way it is from the amazing production of Gershwin's Porgy and Bess my husband and I saw last weekend
Uncategorized / 23.07.2014

IMG_3326 IMG_3346We have made a small change to the site adding a READ MORE button, so that it will enable you to see more posts on the home page. I hope you like thisToday was a day I desperately needed! I needed some pampering. I have been dealing with some issue with the muscles in my feet, it is going to take some time before dry needling and my PT can straighten it out. So, there have been some days where my bed and my pups have been my refuge Today, I decided not to cancel my hair color wash, cut and style, as I needed a pick me up like King Kong picked up Fay Wray  and held her over the Eiffel tower! Yeah, that big.
Uncategorized / 21.07.2014

IMG_3315 Hello Ladies!I don't know where the idea came from, that red heads shouldn't wear red. I tend to disagree. Perhaps the shade of red should be considered, as the orangy red may not be as flattering on fair skin tones, but I love a rich red in both clothes and cosmetics. This dress is one that I take out when the weather is about high 90s! Woah, that is what it has been here. It is one thing when it is that hot, but when the humidity matches, and you walk out of your house feeling like the heat can be cut through, then you know it is too hot.
Uncategorized / 04.06.2014

 Don't know what it is, but I just love sitting outside. The bonus was that this restaurant was a place we hardly frequented before. It was on the lake, and its former ownership's style was average food, average price, but great place to be. Then the restaurant was bought, and it opened this year. The inside is lovely with it's high ceilings, excellent comfortable seating, windows all exposing the beautiful marina and lake we enjoy watching. In addition, the chef is new, from the show, "Hell's Kitchen" with Gordan Ramsey, and was preparing our food! Needless to say, the flavors...

Uncategorized / 07.05.2014

  It is warn today! I have wanted to wear this though for awhile. I love chiffon. This is one of those twirly, soft, feminine, light and airy skirts. I tried this on, at Ann Taylor, and I wasn't so sure that it would be me, as I am used to more pencil skirts, or some midi skirts, but ah, the material! So, I tried it on, and then found this lovely cardigan that I have had for years to pair with it. There is also something unique about this as well, a snakeskin pattern with tan, and then undertones of...

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Drove by our house the other day, and thought it would be neat to show the dichodomy between a soft blush chiffon cardigan and antique lace skirt against a very modern mirrored building .Do you find yourself noticing your surroundings more? When we take a drive, I start to look and think of some of the places I may not have paid as much attention to. This is a neat building, and I find myself looking at buildings and such where I wouldn't have noticed or paid much heed to it before.There are quite a few beautiful places by the...