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Uncategorized / 27.02.2014

I could honestly say, my love for handbags, probably began about 10 years ago. I know it wasn't in high school or even college, and I am seeing a ton of 20 somethings wearing Celine bags or carrying Louis Vuitton. At that age, I would have probably been able to afford Louis Buitton. The only bag I remember carrying in high school was my "brown bag", not from Bloomingdales, either, literally a brown bag for lunch! I remember when I bought years ago a Kenneth Cole NY bag, I got at TJMaxx for $65 dollars, and I thought that was...

Uncategorized / 21.02.2014

 I know deep inside we are all animals, or is it cavemen/women. We hunt, we gather, and hunt some more .. for the deals that is!! This actually was a lovely day after eating brunch at a very busy restaurant. We decided to take a little stroll and pop in some shops, although I did show restraint. I have to do this now and then, as I actually have a clothing budget. Unfortunately, I looked outside this morning, and there was nothing on my trees. Bare. No money growing on them. So, I decided it was a pencil skirt type...