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Fashion, Link Up, Places / 23.02.2016

 Hello Ladies,Welcome to Turning Heads Tuesday this week. My brother, Matt did respond, I think he  caved under the pressure! First, if you did not see the interview on Deborah Boland site, on Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, check it out HERE. ( HOW TO DRESS ROMANTICALLY) It was an honor to be featured!This weekend we had some nice weather approaching 70 so we decided to go to a pup friendly vineyard, called Morgan Ridge,  I also wanted to celebrate with a shoot for the end of my 2nd year Blogging. ( FEB)mow going on 3.  Funny, it reminds  me of what...

Fashion / 07.09.2015

IMG_8767IMG_8766By now, I am sure my readers know I truly enjoy going to vineyards and tasting wines. It is a favorite pastime. My husband and I were joking as we figured if we went every weekend we would almost make it as:
  • North Carolina is home to more than 100 wineries. The number of wineries has more than quadrupled since 2001. The industry has two focuses - native muscadine grapes and European-style vinifera grapes.
Today I am going to be talking about what to wear to a Vineyard.
Uncategorized / 04.05.2015

IMG_7118Happy Monday Ladies,I am wearing one of my favorite floral skirts today, lots of peaches, red, orchid colors with hints of baby blue . I needed to add more blue hues to my wardrobe, so this Limited sheer top worked to pick up that hint in the skirt. I am sharing with you our experience at the Misty Creek Vineyard this weekend, where there were bouquets of  flowers blooming and wine from the vineyard.
Uncategorized / 19.03.2014

 If you saw my Monday post,  I talked about the rarity of the zebra, if you want to know why I did that, it is a long story, so you would be better of reading the post. I will tell you what is NOT rare here in North Charlotte, or Lake Norman, and that is access to Vineyards. There are about 75 vineyards we can get to, that are within a reasonable drive. We have 3 favorites currently, and went to one today. Childress Vineyards is beautiful: fountains with flowers, building that is stone and could be a small castle,...