Turning Heads #Linkup-Rich Green Anthro Sweater+ Hair Affair - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Turning Heads #Linkup-Rich Green Anthro Sweater+ Hair Affair



Hello Ladies!

First, let’s talk hair. I think we all love our hair to suit our coloring, personality, style . Last week, for Turning heads Tuesday, it was a more red- darker copper. When my stylist, who is awesome, did my hair, as to eliminate my greys, more copper was added to my red hair. I am used to my golden -red or gold copper look, and thought it was too dark for me.

So, what is great, is that my stylist lives 15 minutes down the street and comes to my house to do my hair.  I emailed her about my concerns, and she came over to fix the color and make it more “me”. My hair has golden tones to it with red, and needed that back in my hair. Toning down the copper and adding gold was not a problem, and was more my natural hair color. Going all grey isn’t an option for me, as my fair skin tone and long hair would just leave me looking like I am participating in Halloween year round! My PT has beautiful curly grey/silver hair, mom has gone white, but as I said, it would not suit me. So, when the grey were starting to really come in, I  wanted to get back to my golden red.  I have added a heat protectant spray  by Loreal ( amazing!) and Argon Oil to keep my hair conditioned as I use a dryer and curler so it can get dry. But back to my original “color happiness”. I am in the shade here, so the gold really stands out in the sun.

Anyhow, much happier, and I feel like the ole Jess again. I know many of you probably have had some experiences. Now, on to my outfit. You all know, or I think you do, I do 98% of my shopping on-line. I also do alot of my shopping on Zara, ASOS, but as of late, on Poshmark. Poshmark is a site for new or lightly worn items and at a fraction of the cost. I have the time to search, and one of my favorite stores is Anthropologie, but I am just not willing to pay $150 for a sweater! SO… this is from Anthropologie via Poshmark. What I love about this is not only the rich green color but all of the details in the sweater. The ruffles, the ties on the side, the bow and cut of the back of the sweater, all details that really make it interesting for me.

I have so many ideas on how I will style this throughout the winter, but today I wanted to pair it with my faux black leather mini by Ann Taylor, and another pair of OTK BOOTS this time suede,  from Born. I am hoping to get another color from Santa this year… if I am good.:-) I would love a suede skirt or dress, but I am mostly finding ones that look like the length and size of a napkin, or ones that run $300+. So, OTK boots in suede, it is!








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Details: Anthropologie sweater: (poshmark), Ann Taylor ( faux mini skirt) Born, ( OTK suede boots, sim), Rebecca Minkoff Handbag, Earrings: Wooden handmade bought in Asheville.

So on to the linkup.. 🙂


Most clicked this week was: Mary Murnane with Style Notes from the Red Carpet. Love the red dress  celebrity style.



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  • [email protected]
    Posted at 16:56h, 07 November Reply

    Your hair is beautiful and looks lovely with the green top!

  • Nicole Mölders (@HighLatitudeSty)
    Posted at 16:38h, 07 November Reply

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. You look great in this color. Is there a color at all, you don’t look great in?

  • Liz Lizo
    Posted at 15:53h, 06 November Reply

    I love the color and rich detail on your sweater!

    – Liz Lizo

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:55h, 07 November Reply

      Hi Liz, thank you! Both are what caught my eye! xx

  • Ginger
    Posted at 14:15h, 04 November Reply

    Absolutely, positively, STUNNING, head to toe! I need to track down that sweater from Anthro!

    THANK YOU for explaining your incredible hair color… I actually wanted to write and ask if you colored and how. I’m 40 and my once bright red has faded over the past decade. I’m not sure when or IF I should start coloring it! I have no idea what Redheads are supposed to do since we can’t match our natural colors with a bottle. But I see your vibrant red every week and inspires me to start doing something to bring back that pizzazz!


    ~Ginger from Ginger & Zimt

    • Jess
      Posted at 06:42h, 05 November Reply

      Hi Ginger!
      I am 47_ so the greys have been coming in! First, thank you for the lovely comment on my outfit. I love the details on Anthro clothes.n
      Typically, she has to add some gold and a small amount of copper to match my natural hair color. Go for it, as u already have beautiful long hair!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:57h, 05 November Reply

      Hi Gingr
      First, thank you for such a lovely complement. Anthro has some great clothes,lots of great details.

      My natural is a ginger red, but I am now 47 and have gotten more greys over the years and fading too. My stylist uses copper to amp up my natural color and also adds gold for the ginger. You have beautiful long hair, I say go for it!
      XX jess

  • Elle
    Posted at 12:02h, 04 November Reply

    Jess, I am glad your hair is restored to YOUR color! Love the seater it is gorgeous, and I adore it paired with the quilted skirt and OTK boots, fabulous! I have also done well on Poshmark, but I don’t shop there often ( so many crick and mortar stores near me). You look wonderful in this treasure . I am glad you are inspiring others to shop this way.
    XX, Elle

    • Jess
      Posted at 06:45h, 05 November Reply

      Hi Elle! Will stop by today! Thinking of u. I find great things at PM , like thrift shopping for me, since I shop almost all online. I could see certainly why you shop where you are and like Michaels Consignment!/Glad you love the look, yes happy with my hair again ??

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:00h, 05 November Reply

      Hi Elle!!
      Thank you, yes I am more pleased. At 47, I am seeing more greys pop up with my natural color fading. But I will stay a ginger. She is great, and it is so much nicer having her come to my house to cut and color my and hubbys hair. She added more of my natural gold in after last week’s color. I am happy again! I can see why you shop at Michael’s Consignment, and of course you shop in NY! 🙂 PM has been great for some buys Have a great week! xx

  • Anna D Kart
    Posted at 10:00h, 04 November Reply

    This dark green is perfect with your hair color! You look stunning

    Happy Medley

  • beautybymissl
    Posted at 08:53h, 04 November Reply

    This is such a beautiful outfit and I envy your hair color! It looks gorgeous!
    Loving that sweater!

    Beauty by Miss L Weekly Fashion Link Up! 

    • Jess
      Posted at 06:47h, 05 November Reply

      Thanks so much, I appreciate the lovely comments! You have lovely hair as well?

  • Jill James
    Posted at 23:40h, 03 November Reply

    Your hair looks as beautiful as always , glad your stylist sorted out the colour for you. The details on that sweater are stunning, as is the colour on you. Thank you once again for hosting Turning Heads Tuesday.

    • Jess
      Posted at 06:48h, 05 November Reply

      Thank you Jill, the details are what sold me on this sweater, ok color too!
      Jess xx

  • Vale
    Posted at 18:34h, 03 November Reply

    Love your sweater and your hair is looking always more amazing ! Your boots are awesome, too. I managed to link up this time, yay ! Kisses

    Fashion and Cookies – fashion blog

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:19h, 03 November Reply

      Yay! Thank you Vale, I am happy with my hair now, the sweater was from my fav store Anthroplogie. Glad youre here! xx

  • notdressedaslamb
    Posted at 17:51h, 03 November Reply

    Well your hair always looks nothing short of incredible, Jess – and tumbling over that beautiful green knit it’s been enhanced even more!! I love the style of the cardigan, it’s so unusual… what an amazing find!

    Thank you so much for hosting and for linking up to #iwillwearwhatilike – will you be joining in with the wedding dress challenge next week…? I hope so!!

    Catherine x

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:24h, 03 November Reply

      Thanks Catherine! I love the store Anthropologie, as the details on the clothes are great This caught my eye! Thank you about my hair, I am lucky I suppose to have a great stylist to help me enhance my natural hair color. xx I will be there, but dont have my wedding dress anymore ( or should I say it is too big on me). I will be there though!

  • racheldinh
    Posted at 16:14h, 03 November Reply

    So Beautiful, I am loving the details on your sweater! So cozy and chic.


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:24h, 03 November Reply

      Thank you! It is super cozy and the details are what sold it! thanks so much! x

  • Andrea@WellnessNotes
    Posted at 15:45h, 03 November Reply

    I love the sweater! It’s an amazing color on you. And the details are what I love about Anthroplogie! I’ll have to check out Poshmark!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:25h, 03 November Reply

      Me too! Anthro has great clothes, I have bought quite a few items from them lately! Yes, do! xx

  • garaytreasures
    Posted at 14:46h, 03 November Reply

    That is so nice of your hair dresser, it is always nice to get a change. Your hair is gorgeous (and so is your outfit).
    Thank you for linking up to “Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me”
    Rachel xo
    Garay Treasures

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:25h, 03 November Reply

      Thank you Rachael, yes she is great, and it helps to have her come to my house Glad you like the outfit! xx

  • Shelly
    Posted at 14:42h, 03 November Reply

    That is such an amazing color on you!

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday
    Posted at 12:27h, 03 November Reply

    Stunning ! What an amazing look. Wow

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:26h, 03 November Reply

      Thank you! I appreciate your lovely comment! x

  • Anja
    Posted at 12:05h, 03 November Reply

    That skirt and that bag!! they fit so well together and I am always amazed how great you look in those green shades. Definitely one of my favourite autumn looks on you. Only that lace burgundy skirt is still on step higher!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:27h, 03 November Reply

      Thanks so much! I just love green and certain shades are my fav! I appreciate your lovely comment! x

  • Ana from Mrs. American Made
    Posted at 11:51h, 03 November Reply

    Oh, my, that color is gorgeous on you. I look for more green clothing – I like it because it matches my eyes – but I think it is hard to find. And then multiply that by the degree of difficulty that is searching #madeinUSA! Great look tho. 🙂

  • Sarah Blodgett
    Posted at 10:35h, 03 November Reply

    This sweater is so fun!! And the color is stunning on you!!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:28h, 03 November Reply

      Thank you Sarah! I loved the details and just love so many green shades! xx

  • Amy Johnson
    Posted at 10:26h, 03 November Reply

    Such a great look! I love that sweater!

  • Ginger Wroot
    Posted at 10:14h, 03 November Reply

    I’m a ginger too (okay, strawberry blond), so I know what you mean about trying to get just the right hair color. Your hair color looks amazing, and the chic green sweater makes it look all the better!

  • happinessatmidlife
    Posted at 09:44h, 03 November Reply

    I am so crushed to hear that this sweater is bought on Poshmark….I want it in my closet now 🙂 Great outfit!


    Hope to see your Thursday for TBT Fashion link up.

  • Jennie
    Posted at 09:38h, 03 November Reply

    Gorgeous, gorgeous sweater! So love all of the wonderful details. Glad your hair is back how you like it, Jess.

  • Laurie Duncan
    Posted at 09:33h, 03 November Reply

    That sweater is amazing! I will have to check out Poshmark! 🙂

  • Amy Ann
    Posted at 09:17h, 03 November Reply

    I totally get it. Our hair makes a big difference. Yours is always such a pretty shade. Love this green sweater on you.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Shauna
    Posted at 09:12h, 03 November Reply

    Pretty lucky that your stylist lives so close! I would give anything to not have to drive so far to see mine every 5 weeks…
    Love you in green, it really is your color!!



  • asallows
    Posted at 08:51h, 03 November Reply

    What an amazing sweater! Those details are incredible!


  • sandypatti
    Posted at 08:48h, 03 November Reply

    Oh my, that sweater is too too gorgeous! Lock your closet doors : > thanks for hosting this wonderful linkup.


  • weshopinheels
    Posted at 08:21h, 03 November Reply

    Love the green sweater on you. You look absolutely gorgeous wearing the OTK boots!


    We Shop in Heels

  • cherie james
    Posted at 08:03h, 03 November Reply

    That sweater is stunning Jess, I adore the emerald green and all the unique detail. Looks so great with your hair color too! Thank you for hosting!


  • My Rose Colored Shades
    Posted at 07:48h, 03 November Reply

    That green sweater looks fabulous on you. The details on it are amazing. Love the OTKs as well!

  • Laura
    Posted at 07:39h, 03 November Reply

    Lovely sweater!

  • thelifbissue
    Posted at 07:20h, 03 November Reply

    Jess, I absolutely love your skirt and that green looks so so good on you. Love, Kirsten x


  • Shelbee on the Edge
    Posted at 07:14h, 03 November Reply

    The sweater is fabulous! Definitely turned my head! Thanks for hosting the linkup.


  • ellespann
    Posted at 06:53h, 03 November Reply

    redheads always look good in green and this is no exception!
    Southern Elle Style

  • dousedinpink
    Posted at 06:37h, 03 November Reply

    Love the details on that rich, green sweater! Thanks for hosting the linkup!

    Doused In Pink

  • Monica
    Posted at 06:34h, 03 November Reply

    Your stylist does an amazing job your hair looks great. I love that sweater, it’s so unique! Hope to see you at my link up tomorrow!


  • Carrie
    Posted at 06:11h, 03 November Reply

    Another gorgeous look, Jess. What a unique and fun sweater.

  • marta
    Posted at 06:05h, 03 November Reply

    This is such a pretty sweater and love the rich green tone!! Thanks for hosting Jess:)

  • Savvy Southern Chic
    Posted at 06:00h, 03 November Reply

    That’s a gorgeous sweater and you wear it so well.

  • stinedurfdl
    Posted at 05:15h, 03 November Reply

    Don’t you feel a million times better now that your hair is back to the way you like it? I typically go darker red in the winter,but since I added the ombre I don’t feel right if it’s not there…
    Love the details on the sweater and the otk boots are fabulous!

  • Martina Elegant40
    Posted at 04:54h, 03 November Reply

    Great outfit! Green suits you so well. Beautiful hair!

  • Mica
    Posted at 03:45h, 03 November Reply

    Love the bow details on your top, it is a very interesting piece 🙂

    Your hair colour is great too! Awesome your stylist lives so close.

    Thank you for the link up!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    Posted at 03:21h, 03 November Reply

    What a fantastic cardigan. I adore the back.
    Thank you again for this lovely meeting of friends

  • Irene Papadopoulou
    Posted at 02:20h, 03 November Reply

    love the sweater/jacket! so feminine! love your hair!

  • kileen
    Posted at 02:16h, 03 November Reply

    your hair looks gorgeous and i love that shade of green on you!

    cute & little

  • Tiina L
    Posted at 02:14h, 03 November Reply

    It’s a good shade of green to match your hair, and a very pretty sweater. I know what you mean about haircolour that doesn’t feel right, I had a few mishaps when I experiented with hair colour when I was much younger. These days I’m very low-maintenance, keep it natural and spend my energy trying to control the curls instead (that’s a losing battle, too)

  • Anna Shirley
    Posted at 02:12h, 03 November Reply

    Green color is not my favorite one, but this shade of green is so rich and I like it so much. Very cute sweater.o)

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 01:07h, 03 November Reply

    Love the sweet style and shade of green of the sweater and the OTKs of course!


    • Debra
      Posted at 19:29h, 05 November Reply

      Hey Jess! I think your hair looks fabulous. I am so jealous but now I know your little secret about that beautiful color. Shhh! I won’t tell. I love your Anthro sweater. And you styled it perfectly. The colors and fabrics really compliment one another. Thanks for more vintage inspiration. (Fur & Pin are yummy!) Hope you are having a fabulous week dear. xo

      Stylewise by Debra

      • Jess Jannenga
        Posted at 20:53h, 05 November Reply

        Hi Deb! Thank you regarding my hair. No secret 🙂 I have red hair but I was getting a fair amount of greys and fading, at the age of 47.. those greys are going to come at some point. But my natural red needed some attending, Glad you like the look!! I love vintage pins , i have a few on my list for the holidays… You too my friend! xx

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