Women’s Winter Coats- What’s Your Favorite Style? - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Women’s Winter Coats- What’s Your Favorite Style?


Hello friends

TGIF! Well, today I thought I would bring you some winter coat styles I truly love. One thing, however, about living in North Carolina, is that I don’t need a winter coat until mid November, and sometimes not until the end of the month. Prior to NC. I lived in Pittsburgh, PA and needed that winter coat in September, as temps dipped into the freezing zone!

I , myself own about 4 winter coats, a wrap burgundy wool coat, a belted red wool peacoat, a light boiled wool black military style coat, and last, my favorite pink vintage inspired coat by Boden. ( you will see this one next week)  I have more of a collection of faux leather jackets and motos as I find that I am reaching for these jackets more often in this type of warmer climate. Stop by MONDAY on the blog when I share a wonderful collaboration featuring something we all need in cold temperatures.


This Wrap coat in burgundy is a color that is very popular every year. The wrap style is a very classic look. This is a thinner coat from Banana Republic last year. It is unlined so just enough on a chilly day.


This is more of a jacket than a heavy winter coat. This boiled wool military jacket would be great in chilly weather, not extreme cold.


This coat is by Boden, which have a vintage inspired feel. The pink color adds a fun tone to the usual barrage of black, brown and navy winter coats.

I am giving you some choices on coats for the season. What styles do you prefer to wear, or are you still looking for that “perfect” winter coat?

Have a good weekend!


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  • Ada
    Posted at 14:07h, 15 November Reply

    You have a stunning collection of coats. I love all 4 of them, especially the very first one. Unusually, we haven’t used a heavy Winter Coat here in Michigan this year, just yet.

  • Katie
    Posted at 21:26h, 14 November Reply

    Love your collection of coats! The pink one is my favorite! I would love to be able to wear a warm, wool coat right now, but that will have to wait!


  • shelbeeontheedge1
    Posted at 14:12h, 14 November Reply

    Jess, you have a gorgeous collection of coats in your wardrobe! I love the red and the raspberry colors on you, too. So striking. I absolutely love coats and have too many to count, but I am never comfortable in them so I only wear a coat when it is absolutely necessary! Thanks for linking up with me On the Edge.


  • Patti
    Posted at 13:48h, 14 November Reply

    They’re all wonderful, and I have a special love for the pale pink coat – gorgeous! thanks for linking, xo


  • Lucy Mitchell
    Posted at 18:52h, 13 November Reply

    Love the colours in this outfit
    Sunset Desires

  • Nadine Fei
    Posted at 07:20h, 12 November Reply

    You have a stunning collection of winter coats, dear Jess! I like them all very much and I love the way, how you styled them. Especially the first look is amazing – very beautiful, feminine and chic!

    xxxxx Nadine


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:31h, 12 November Reply

      Thanks very much Nadine! I really don’t need 4 winter coats, as in NC it is only now getting colder, but I used to live in Pittsburgh. I appreciate your comment! xx

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:58h, 13 November Reply

      Thank you Nadine! I truly dont need any more coats, love them though it just doesnt get too cold until about now. xx

  • Elle Benet
    Posted at 14:09h, 11 November Reply

    Gorgeous coats! – Elle ♡ http://ellebenet.com

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:34h, 12 November Reply

      Thank you Elle! I do love winter coats 🙂 Even if I can’t wear them for long here in NC.

  • Jan Roy
    Posted at 10:56h, 11 November Reply

    Great pink coat! As of last year, can’t wear the heels I’d vowed to wear til my last day (LOL!). Thank you for showing how chic “flat” shoes can look❤️

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:16h, 11 November Reply

      Thank you Jan! I am really featuring the coat and some special gloves ( fit for a Queen ) on Monday, stop by if you get a chance! thank you. xx

  • busyandfab
    Posted at 06:47h, 11 November Reply

    You have nice collection of coats and I like how you styled all of them.


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:29h, 11 November Reply

      Thanks very much! I only get to wear them about 3 months out of the year 🙂 z

  • Anna Marcus
    Posted at 03:30h, 11 November Reply

    I think you look stunning in the short burgundy one, Jess

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:28h, 11 November Reply

      Thanks very much Anna, I have yet to wear my coat, probably today as it is getting colder now.

  • www.nancysfashionstyle.com
    Posted at 02:48h, 11 November Reply

    Oh the pink one with those gloves is fabulous! That coat looks stunning on you!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:27h, 11 November Reply

      Thank you Nancy! I am publishing a post on Monday where hubby and I did a photoshoot on the gloves. I was wearing the coat throughout, I loved this when i saw it last year from Boden.

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