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Hello all, My name is Jess and I am from North Carolina, the Lake Norman area. I live here with my 2 shih tzus- Gibby and Truffles and my husband. We have been married for 20 years now and met in Pittsburgh, where we both had joined a rock climbing group.  I am a lady who loves animals (especially dogs!) and have a desire to work with them in the future. I love good wine, good company and love True Crime! I am very close to my family and love spending time with my niece who is a budding fashionista at age 10.

I have a creative side and received my Master’s in Jazz Guitar, which I do play from time to time. I also graduated with a degree in Elementary/Music Education, and have taught both in classrooms, I am 53, and am a  fashion blogger who dresses in what I like! I LOVE color! Color has the ability to brighten one’s day as well as provide a means of self-expression. I love to combine colors as an artist would a painting. I HAVE to be involved in creative endeavors- it is a part of me! 

I write about trends, how to dress over 50, and host a Turning Heads Tuesday Linkup all about lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. “. I believe that fashion should show off one’s personality, as I don’t believe in many of the silly “rules” imposed on dressing over 40, over 50+.  It is important to have fun with fashion and enjoy wearing what is in your closet!

Fridays I tend to write “anything goes” typically pertaining to Midlife. I may write about aging, menopause, books and tv I have been watching, or health and fitness.

Elegantly Dressed and Stylish is an acronym for EDS, a chronic illness, in which I have. EDS is a connective tissue disease where my collagen is faulty, is missing a protein which causes hypermobility where my joints move farther than the normal range of motion, causing dislocation of joints, and severe muscle pain.  My muscles, in turn, experience deep knots which have to be released using a procedure called, “dry needling.” on a bi-weekly basis. Since this, there may be some days I won’t be able to blog, but I will certainly do my best~

I try to take advantage of the good days. With this blog, I did not want to focus on the disease, but also show that if you do have this or others, that you can try to dress up to make yourself feel good. I deal with chronic pain, but I don’t let it rule my life.

I am here to help you create styles you love, share the trends and also timeless pieces. I want you to have a closet in which you love to get dressed in the morning! I also just cherish the community of ladies who share their love for fashion and have insight into being over 50!



My little Teddy bears, Shih Tzus Truffles,12 and Gibson 10  are the best, and help me with days I don’t feel well. I can’t help but wake up and smile when I look at their two cute faces. I have always called them my “Guadian Angels”.

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