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EDS-Reader’s Survey for 2022- Midlife Women

Hello friends and Happy Friday!

Last year, I had my first reader’s survey and I wanted to continue it this year as well. In order to provide you with the topics in which you are interested, please fill it out.

Have you thought about what you love about being older or is it nothing but trying to achieve youthfulness? I think it truly is a time when you “find your true self.”

Midlife women and Older

There has been more midlife + models shown on various fashion retailers’ sites, such as Mango and Zara .

Think about the older models such as Lauren Hutton, who modeled in Bottega Veneta’s spring campaign. Or May Musk who is the face of Cover Girl.

Image credit–Chattanooga Times Free Press

Mango models

“Designer Tracy Reese cast older women in her spring 2017 presentation, telling Vogue, “Women of all ages wear my clothes, so I wanted to show that it’s not just about chasing youth, it’s about dressing real women.”  **quote Vogue

I think it is about time women “of a certain age” were able to show off the clothes and grace a runway or buy the clothes and feel good in them!

It has been shown that women over50 are more financially empowered and companies are starting to take some notice!

I know, at 53, I have more confidence, and self-assuredness than I did in my 20’s.  That confidence shows in how women wear the clothes/

I know as I get older, I am still going to love fashion and love experimenting creatively with fashion. Why should that stop?

Think of Iris Apfel!

^**photo credit Fashionista.

** pinterest credit photo

The Survey

My blog will be 8 years old in February, and time has flown by. I appreciate you for reading, and I’d love to hear from you.

Typically, Mondays and Tuesday I post about Fashion.

Fridays has bloomed into – anything goes-midlife topics-whatever topic I find you might enjoy as well

EDS READER SURVEY FOR 2022 click here!

Thank you so much for completing this survey. It will be available for 1 week, after which I will post the results

I’d also love to hear your thoughts on older models and companies marketing to women over 50. Let me know what you think in the comments! 

Have a great weekend and stay warm! (We may have an ice storm on Sunday!)

Jess xx

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Happy 2022! Combat Boots Are Still Going Strong

Happy 2022 friends!

I took a much-needed respite after much driving Northeast for the Holidays. I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday.

We had a lovely time and of course, we took the pups as my in-law’s love seeing them.

In the New Year I am wearing a few new items, and I will be talking about my personal goals, including blog goals for 2022 later in the week. For now, let’s talk about these fabulous chocolate brown leather combat boots Santa brought.

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