FAQ - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Why did you start this blog?

I began the blog as an outlet for my creative side. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Jazz Guitar,so I have always loved creativity.However in 2010, I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility  Syndrome, and have daily chronic pain. Symptoms since 2008,  I was in terrible pain, and didn’t know what I had.  I went to the Mayo Clinic and they also missed the diagnosis. However,through many hospital and doctor’s visits, my own research, and physical therapy tests, I was diagnosed with this rare and incurable disease. For about 3 years, all I could do was take my pups out to use the bathroom, and lay in bed. Presently, I have my  pain managed, and am able to do more than I was able to do, much more due to physical therapy, eastern medicine and my own determination to get better. For many years, particurarly in the beginning my sister was convinced I had a wardrobe full of black cotton pants as this was my “uniform” for years, as it was comfortable for me, and I was more focused on my pain and lack of pain control, than what outfit I was going to put together. This blog I thought, would be a good outlet for my interest in fashion, creativity, and also show that one can wear nice clothes and get dressed up even with a chronic illness. Elegantly dressed and Stylish, is an acronym for EDS, my disease, as I thought it could be a reminder of what I can do now, and how I can feel better about myself by dressing nicely and taking care of myself.

Where do you live?

I live in the Lake Norman area, North of Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband, and my two sweet shih ztu puppies, Truffles, my shy girl chocolate-haired12 year old, and Gibby my red-haired rambunctious 10-year-old. We moved here 18 years ago, when I got tired of scraping snow off of my car in Pittsburgh, PA. I always had a vision of living in a cabin in the woods, however, this is close with a lovely house, with only a 3-hour drive to the mountains or beach.

How old and tall are you?

Currently, I am 53 years old.  I can do some things, without the constraints of EDS that I used to do. (camp, swim, movies, out to dinner etc.). I am 5 foot 9, 122 pounds. I wear a size 4 in pants, jeans and a small in tops, sweaters.

Who takes your pictures?

My hubby takes the photos, and we try and take advantage of the weather here, and many of the beautiful surroundings in the Carolinas. I may need to have pictures taken with the tri-pod if necessary. l This is more challenging! There are many areas that one can find to take pictures. We do love the many vineyards and wineries the area has to offer, so I am sure you will see me in this landscape in one time or another. We also love Savannah and Charleston SC, and there are many opportunities, with their cobblestone streets, and historic homes.

Describe your style.

I really think women and men in the 20’s knew how to dress. AKA Boardwalk Empire. Love the suits, the hats, the gorgeous dresses, and the hair jewelry. (Think of zoot suits and flapper dresses.)

My style has changed some throughout the years, but I always gravitate toward classic and feminine. I love dresses but am coming around to wearing jeans a bit more too. I love blazers and always find that they amplify a look or take it up a notch.

Is it hard to dress up with a chronic pain disease?

Yes, there are times when I swear I would love to go out in my pajamas but people would stare at me funny, for all the wrong reasons! I basically make sure that I do pick comfortable pieces that are not constricting. I have a difficult time wearing anything conforming, like tights, due to systemic GI issues, so I cut half of the waist band out to make it more comfortable. Since I am tall, 5’9″, I find that sometimes even tall tights are not long enough, so my trick is to cut off the feet, put on ankle socks, so I can pull them up as high as I want, and then wear boots. You can’t see the socks, and that way you have all of the length you need!

I have some pants that are comfy, some loose-fitting cargo pants, and am finally able to wear jean, although they have to be soft! I was not able to wear denim for awhile, as the sensitivity to them bothered me. I do find I am most comfortable in dresses, but am now able to wear leggings, jeans and enjoy those as well 

Leibster Award: This award was given to me by Lura , a lovely girl who is also a Southern Blogger. liebster


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1. your guilty pleasure TV show? Well that is a toss up. I love mysteries and crime, so Cold Case Files is one, but currently The Millionaire Matchmaker is so fun to watch, as Patti is such a character and I like to watch people find compatability and love, if possible on reality tv.
2. favorite blog to read? what about it inspires you?
I enjoy My Daily Costume. Elle is a dear woman whose personality really shines through. I also love that when we reach a certain age40/50+ we wear what speaks to us, makes us comfortable in ourselves, and shows our creativity! Boyfriend jeans and leather jackets till we are 80! Her blog just sends the message “Be Yourself”
3. what is your morning routine?
I have an incurable disease, called Ehlers-Danlos, a connective tissue disease which causes hypermobility, muscular knots and chronic pain. So, my daily routine is probably different from most. My shih tzu pup Gibby, wakes me up with his stare at 9, but prior to, I take what I need, then go to take a hot, espom salt bubble bath, do my PT exercises while listening to Ella Fitzgerald or the like, and rest until 10. Then, I get my 2 puppies, feed them, walk them, and we return home. I check my emails, tweets and blog link ups then or before my bath. Depending if I go out for the day, the next routine is makeup and hair

4. what are two things from your bucket list? I would love to go and see Ireland, the land of my Ancestors, as well as travel to Italy and see the culture and landscape.

5. best birthday you’ve had? My best birthday was probably my 40th. I remember it being a lovely birthday with my parents and hubby, no “Over the Hill” signs, but the year before my illness was showing symptoms.
6. what outfit/clothing do you feel your best in?  I love skirts and dresses. I am tall, so I seem to be able to wear mini, midi or long skirts. I love the ferminine look of dresses and skirts, and the ease and comfort.
7. cats or dogs? why? Knowing my blog, you know I am going to say Dogs! 🙂 Growing up we had so many, Shadow, Buttercup, the list goes on. My friend had a shih tzu named “Saint” and he was a great dog. Lovable, fun, caring, just a great little lap dog. I now have 2 shih tzus, Gibson and Truffles and they were bought when I began the whole ordeal with my illness. They are a comfort, they are just such a joy, as well as being great companions for when I am sick, they lay in bed right with you!

8. would you rather be indoors or outdoors? I would love to be outdoors! I met my husband 18 years ago in a rock climbing class. He was belaying me, so I figured, ” I better get to know this guy”! I have always loved being with nature, camping, climbing, hiking, canoeing, biking. I just love to walk in the woods, there is peacefulness and serenity there.

9. boxers or briefs? just kidding. to you, what’s the most attractive trait in the opposite sex? For me, it is someone who is passionate about what they do. There is nothing more unattractive than seeing someone who hates what they do, or has no ambition.
10. what’s your purpose in blogging? what do you want to add to the world-wide-web? I began blogging as a creative outlet for women 40+ who love fashion, but also to show that even if you have a life changing event, like a chronic illness, that there will be good and bad days. I wanted to show that I will dress up, enjoy wearing new clothes and fashion, and can do so even with this illness. I wanted to show that it is possible to still feel good about onsself.
11. when you spend time with friends, what is your favorite thing to do? I do enjoy bringing my pups, sitting outside in the sun, and having a glass or two of martinis  and just catching up!
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