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Beauty, Personal / 12.10.2018

Happy Friday my friends!Well, this is perhaps what I should be asking you!  I think it is one of those wonderful powers of Menopause, the problem of insomnia. I take meds to sleep, but would prefer other methods to try and that is why I wrote about it. Sleep is so important,  Dr. Buxton, a neuroscientist, in the Division of Sleep Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, says that sleep can be disrupted by both medical causes and environmental. If you have restless leg, or sleep apnea, it is best to see a physician for this type of sleep disorders. " However, I feel the day to day, lack of sleep, often from worry, loud noises ( planes over head ( we have this) or excessive caffeine are some things we may be able to control. Making our living space very peaceful and comfortable is one way.