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Fashion / 21.05.2018

 Morning friends!Did you watch the Royal Wedding? I did catch some of the Spectacle on TV, but am not an early morning person, so I didn't wake up at the start. It was beautiful too, and you can see it on Hulu if you didn't get to see all of it at the time.  I do find fashion to be an interesting bit of the Royals, and Megan Markle's gown was both elegant and stylish. I also loved the Stella McKartney halter dress she wore.  I have posted about the Queen Mother in The Crown Post, as well as introducing you to the company, Cornelia James, who makes the gloves the Queen ( and now I) wear. There is an American fascination, though with the English Royals. Do you follow them?It has been royally unpleasant here, ( ;-)as far as the weather has been concerned!! It had been raining all week this past week, so taking photos became a bit of a challenge. My hubby would look at the hourly and we would make a run for it! Those of you that love to wear casual looks, with jeans and a cute top, can find that wearing a kimono over jeans and a cami or tank, will elevate the look a bit more.