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Fashion / 18.04.2022

Teddy Blake Bag- The Kim Let's see, I have made friends with Ava, Georgia, and Kim.I love the styles, the elegance and the classic shape.If you haven't guessed by now, I am talking about Teddy Blake handbags. My latest bag is the Kim, with its sleek look and gold hardware.My other bags are 14", so I decided to go with a slightly smaller bag, an 11" camel brown structured look. The Kim bag holds all of my essentials, so there is plenty of room. My cell phone, wallet, hairbrush, makeup and sunglasses all fit inside. It, like the other bags, comes...

Fashion / 15.04.2022

READ POST HERE Dresses for Easter These are some of my dresses from the past, that I have worn on Easter. You all know I love florals, and dressing in Springtime prints and colors and these dresses were just right to celebrate the Day. It was always fun to get a new dress for the day.I truly looked forward to Easter and I swear the Easter Bunny hid my basket until my 20's! Just before I moved out of the house. ( Moms! ) Milk and white chocolate were my favorites ( and still are) .What I enjoyed were some of the...