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5 Things to Keep You Active- Mentally and Physically, During Covid

As someone who doesn’t work a full  time job, I often am thinking about ways to enrich my life, continue learning and use my creativity.

With Covid, some of us may find we have more time on our hands if we are retired or were used to doing activities outside the house to fill up our time. I am talking about 5 ways to stay “active” both mentally and physically during Covid, on the blog today.

With my mom living with us over these last 9 months, I have seen some of the things that she feels she is missing out on, and what has taken its place.

I am not retired, but with my chronic pain condition, I work on the blog from home. So, even before Covid, I was at home part of the day.

( certainly not all day, every day!)

As I mentioned on Instagram, I have always struggled a bit with SAD during the Winter months, and often thought a nice trip to the Carribean or elsewhere would be in order! However, now with Covid, I am finding myself wanting to do more and  make the most of my time. I think we are all dealing with Covid Fatigue!

Betty White, turned 99 this week,  attributes keeping her mind active ( with crossword puzzles) , not taking herself so seriously, finding the positives in life,  as just some of her tips for a long life.


Perhaps try a biography or a genre of book you don’t usually read, try mixing it up. My mom is reading the latest book by Michael J Fox, titled, “No Time Like the Future”  as well as the Best Seller by Barack Obama titled, “The Promised Land.” I hope to read these when she is done.

Some libraries have programs like “Libby” where you can rent books or be on a waiting list – a virtual library that rents books for free. Check our your local library to see if they work with “Libby”. Books are then read digitally on your phone or computer.

Take a Course

Maybe you have always wanted to learn a new skill.

My PT is now taking an on-line sewing class, as she has recently been interested in learning this skill as well as the basics. She was taking an in-person class before Covid, and now found one on-line that suits her needs. Check out on-line community college classes.

I bought a Jazz Guitar Chords course on-line at the site Udemy.com. There are many courses you can take from personal enrichment, business, art/crafts, health and wellness,  music and more.  They often have sales, so keep an eye out! My on-line class was $10!

Apps like Babbel  and Duo Lingo offer classes on learning a new language. My husband has been using Duo Lingo for 3 years. “Molto Bene”!

He ought to be able to speak Italian by the time we are able to go to Italy!


If this isn’t a stressful time, I don’t know what is!

Try yoga, meditation or any other means of relaxation to free your mind and focus elsewhere. Many videos can be found on You Tube ,

with a range of levels.

I remember my Dad using his Adult Coloring book for a way to unwind. On Amazon, I bought these items and find it very relaxing!

This Adult Coloring book of Dogs is right up my alley, and it helps me relax. I bought this set of colored pencils, sit at a desk and listen to music . There are many themes to these books with vivid detail that will keep you busy!


Be creative. Maybe you have wanted to learn to paint. Maybe you prefer needlepoint or another craft.

My mom has taken up Quilling, which is a paper art form.

I am also interested in drawing and bought charcoal pencils and drawing paper. 


I am missing being at the gym and swimming. I even introduced myself to the water aerobics instructor a few days before the gyms closed due to Covid! I am thankful I bought a home treadmill to use as well as have home gym equipment to utilize.

If you can’t go to the gym due to Covid, try setting up a small workout space at home. You don’t need tons of equipment as many exercises can be done using your own body weight and resistance. I have these therabands, kettlebells, exercise ball, resistance bands, and a medicine ball. I also have some light dumbells.

I will alternate working out with my home gym to walking outside. My mom and I took a brisk walk yesterday morning and it felt good!

So, get that Vitamin D a few days a week by going outside and walking.

So, tell me, if you are retired or work from home, what keeps you active ( mentally and physically) during Covid?

Have a great weekend,

Stay Safe,

Jess xx

  • Jodie
    Posted at 15:59h, 15 January Reply

    You are so good to keep busy these ways Jess. How lucky you have a treadmill….if we had room, I might get one too!!
    BTW, have you ever tried light therapy for the SAD? I just read in Readers Digest how light affects almost all of our cells which then affects so many hormones? It was an interesting read.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:24h, 17 January Reply

      Thank you Jodie! Yes, it has been nice to use it on the colder days when I am not walking outside. I have not tried light therapy but have read about it as well. I mean to look into that.
      You too JOdie!

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