An Alternative to Black Denim- Washed Grey
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An Alternative to Black Denim- Washed Grey

Do you want an alternative to black denim? I am sharing a look with washed grey denim today styled two ways.

Maybe you are tired of black denim and you want a change? Well, I loved these charcoal grey denim jeans when I found them on Poshmark.

Since they are cropped, an ankle boot looks best with these jeans .

I’ve styled them with a Zara lace top with black bra underneath for one look. If you want to be a bit more daring. If you are more conservative, the grey vest over the top also is a wonderful look for a feminine-masculine vibe.

The top, vest and jeans are all thrifted, but I will link up similar items below.

I am wearing more dark themed clothes this week, as let’s face it, tomorrow is Halloween!

I last wore these jeans here, so you can see another way of styling them.

An Alternative to Black Denim- Grey Washed Jeans

It is jean season, but maybe you are tired of wearing your black or blue jeans. Grey washed or charcoal grey denim is a nice change. Since tomorrow is Halloween, I decided to go with some dark themed outfits this week. I bought this Zara lace top on Poshmark, as I did much of my outfit. You can find treasures, but you have to have the time to look. I wrote about “How to shop on Poshmark” in this post, years ago.

I have always loved a masculine-feminine look and this outfit has those elements. A lace top with a menswear vest is a very cool juxtaposition. I could have also worn my black combat boots for an additional masculine style.

Remember your accessories! What could I do here with the vest to add another feminine touch? I could add a brooch or pin to the vest for that purpose. Think outside the box.

I have shopped similiar items for you at the bottom of the post. My jeans are Madewell, but they do not have this pair this year, so I linked up similiar ones.

What’s Happening?

Isn’t it fun when you just spent two weeks in Europe, and you come back to a bunch of doctor’s appointments. I told my hubby, the “fun never ends!”. Went for my annual check-up and all is good. I have low blood pressure, and my labs are good. Then it’s off to PT to work on strengthening my traps, neck, and upper back to see if I can have less trigger points from my EDS with strengthening. I did sign up with my family for the Pittsburgh Turkey Trot, and it is a 5K on Thanksgiving day, so that should be fun. We all bought Turkey hats, as it will be a bit cold in the ‘Burg at the end of Nov! Here are the hats we are wearing. 

I loved the back of it “Run now, Gobble later.”

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Tomorrow, we dress up and sit outside with the dogs. We make a charceuterie tray, have wine and pass out candy. So, we get out “treats” as well! Join me tomorrow for a FUN Halloween edition of Turning Heads Tuesday.


Black lace top- Zara ( thrifted) option 1, option 2, option 3

Charcoal grey jeans- ON SALE! jeans

Dolce Vita boots- similar

grey vest- option 1option 2

Teddy Blake bag

Amsterdam Heritage Belt


Have a great day!

Jess xx

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  • jodie
    Posted at 21:58h, 30 October Reply

    I love the dichotomy of the look, Jess. Especially with the vest.
    Glad you’re feeling good.

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