Being Grateful on Thanksgiving - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Being Grateful on Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving Dear Readers!

Today’s post is short and sweet. I want to wish you a wonderful Holiday with your family this day.

For me, the day is about the memories I have as a kid with family all at home celebrating the day, enjoying great food and company. I also remember my Dad, brothers, and Uncle sitting in another room after eating, cheering on the Steelers as they play. ( You could hear Dad down the street!)

Do you remember going around the table saying what you are thankful for? Maybe you still do this. You don’t have to use Thanksgiving as the time you think about being grateful, but it does make you more aware of this day.

There is much for which I am grateful, and I am thankful every day.

Today, my sister and niece are coming up and we are hosting Thanksgiving. We will start Turkey in the afternoon, and I am making this Pasta-Goat Cheese-Butternut Squash side ( originally on Suzanne’s blog) asparagus, corn soufflé,  herbed mashed potatoes and more. Of course, pumpkin pie!  I will just have a small breakfast in the morning, usually yogurt and fruit so I can save room for the scrumptious meal that awaits!

My sister brings the wine and I may make a cider/spice/rum cocktail to enjoy while hubby makes his famous crab dip.

Enjoy the blessings God has given and have a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family.

Jess xo



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