Blooming into Spring: Self-Care Tips for Renewal
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Blooming into Spring: Self-Care Tips for Renewal


Spring is almost here and I have a few self-care tips for you.

I am pretty much done with Winter and look forward to hearing and seeing the birds, bunnies and squirrels in our yard. It’s nice to hear nature’s sounds again. Green bushes, the Crepe Mrytle trees blooming, nature coming alive.

We can start to sit outside again, on our deck and  in places we enjoy, eating al fresco.

Sharing some self-care ideas for a fresh Spring start today, let me know if you do some of these things yourself.

Self-Care Tips for Renewal

Spring Cleaning- The Closet

One thing I do every season, is some Spring cleaning. Our garage is always a “work in progress”. Going through my closet, I donate what I am not in love with and don’t really wear. If feels so good! Find places to donate that helps other people. I usually donate to Uncommon Threads, a non-profit for lower income ladies to find clothes for interviews to get back into the workforce.

My local charity, Lydia’s Loft, donates to people in need, and has certain criteria to meet those needs.

Spring cleaning your closet, is one dimension of self-care, as it helps the mind and is good for keeping those things you really love.

I made my own “rule” as to not have too much “stuff”, so when I buy an item for my closet, I give one away to charity. Example- if I buy a new pair of shoes, I donate a pair of shoes. This stops me from accumulating too much.


Adding bits of Spring and Easter decor can freshen up your home and mood. I bought these darling bunnies to add to my hallway table for Spring and Easter. The bird decor caught my eye, because I do love birds and music!



Skin Care

I use a fair amount of serums and face oils in the winter but will tone it down in the warmer months.  I still use this hyaluronic acid, this ROC moisturizer, and a sunscreen. At night I use a Tretinoin my dermatologist prescribed.

Why not go for a fresh facial for the new season? You might discover some new products you like recommended by the esthetician. I do enjoy THIS LINE, without breaking the bank.

Hair Done

It’s always fun to get your hair done. Maybe for the Spring you want a new “do” or you want your color to be a little lighter. I just got my hair done and have a new stylist. I was nervous at first, but she does a great job. Maybe a haircut is all you need, but it is always a great refresh for the upcoming Spring days. I treated myself to a gloss as well as a cut and color. (I had lots of white and silver) And they heeded my suggestion for wine to be offered:-)


“I can buy myself flowers…”

Yes, you can! It is nearing the time to plant flowers in the garden, and to decide what you want in your pots. End of March or April is the perfect time to research or decide what works for your climate. I love lots of color and will often choose Zinnias and Gardenias for my pots.

Planning the garden and which varietals you want, will uplift your spirits and have you looking forward to those blooms in the Spring months.

Fresh flowers inside for your dining room and kitchen table, will be a “pick me up” for Spring as well.


Refresh your makeup! Toss any makeup that is too old. Just like cleaning out your closet, you need to do the same with makeup. Get rid of almost used product, colors you don’t like anymore, products you don’t care for.

When I need a pick me up, I tend to go for lipsticks. I recently bought this Milani pink color, and 2 of these cream blushes by Elf. Think of the colors in your Spring wardrobe, and what makeup you want to wear this Spring. In addition, you might need a slightly darker shade of foundation in the Spring and Summer months. I LOVE this foundation, but just wear it when we go out as it is a bit pricey but has a glow and goes on so nicely! This one is a DUPE for Dior  Forever Skin Glow and I love it for most days, except when we go out.

Here are some of my choices, and things I bought to refresh my makeup for Spring-

Maybeline Master Primer is $10 and a fraction of YSL. I only use the YSL when we go out, but I may just switch to this Maybeline one. It is good!

Love this Laura Geller rose and taupe Eyeshadow pallette. Such pretty pinks for Spring.

I had mentioned above, those cream blushes from ELF and I love these as well. 

Time to show those toes! I get pedicures two times a year, mostly Spring and Summer, when the toes are out.

Try something new, a new color perhaps?


My makeup routine takes about 10 minutes and I like a natural look.


Maybe you have been a little lax on exercise, or you want to do something new. I just started a Cardio Funk class and am having fun learning hip hop moves. If you have been running on the treadmill, now is time to get that Vitamin D by running outside. If you need support, often times there are groups for biking, walking, running etc. If you feel better with others and are motivated by that, try that.

Quiet for the Mind

Looking for peace and serenity in the morning, or some introspective ideas in the morning.

Try meditation. I do this YouTube meditation, which is 10 minutes, and works on diaphragmatic breathing.

of course, this doesn’t have to be just in the Spring, but if you are looking to introduce meditation, then this is a good one. Credit to Dr Bri.

Also, check out some local places that do Yoga sessions outside. We have several here.

Let me know how you are doing self-care to prepare for Spring. I appreciate your comments!


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  • Marsha Banks
    Posted at 20:04h, 08 March Reply

    I really need to do a closet clean out. Right now, the consignment store I work with isn’t taking any new items as she’s behind. Maybe I should volunteer to help her!! I do try to follow the one in/one out, but I haven’t been doing a very good job of that. I do get a facial every month, and it’s so relaxing. I go a little longer between haircuts/colorings.

    I think your hair color is perfect for you! I do need a pedicure. I usually only go in the summer when the toes are out.

    Thanks for the other good tips, Jess!

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