Charleston Trip Part I-2023 - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Charleston Trip Part I-2023


Last week we went to Charleston with family and had a grand time. I’m sharing Part I today, and Part  II tomorrow on the blog.

Before I get to our trip, I had to laugh over the weekend as it seemed as though everyone was going to see Barbie or Oppenheimer. I watched the latter on TV, with the show, Manhattan Project. We did go to see Oppenheimer, and I laughed as Mission Impossible was playing as well, and I pictured the “new movie”, which would actually be quite accurate- BarbieHeimer Impossible! LOL

Charleston Trip Part I

The five of us, my mom, Sister in law, brother, hubby and I decided on a trip to Charleston this summer. We have been, one of the last times in October and it was perfect! I always feel October is a great month to travel. My brother and sister in law have never been so, they made arrangements for this past week in July. I knew it was going to be hot. Isn’t it funny when they tell you the real feel, over 100? Like that matters, as anything over 90 is just, hot! I was thrilled that I could sit for the drive there, which only took about 4 hours.

We stayed at the Hotel Indigo in Mount Pleasant, just outside downtown Charleston, and enjoyed the pool as well as a quick drive to Isle of Palms. The first beach day at Folly Beach, we spent some time but then a storm hit. So, what is the backup plan? Fruity drinks at a local seafood bar of course!

We spent a bit of time exploring, and then the next night went to a Ghost and Cemetary walk. I love doing this each time we go, as you learn a bit of new tidbits with each tour guide. I always find it interesting as last time we saw where Edgar Allen Poe was buried. So much history there! I loved the sign connected to the cemetery next to the church that read, ” The Only Spirit here is the Holy Spirit”.

The Ghost and Cemetary walk . Did you know that the difference between a cemetery and a graveyard, is that the cemetery is connected to a church, and the graveyard is not? So many old tombstones dating back to the 1600’s. Are you a believer in spirits and ghosts?

A haunted restaurant and hotel. Poogan was the name of the dog that used to live there, that makes a special return on occasion.

The Beach

The first day after arriving, we went to Folly Beach. It is a lovely beach. We walked along the beach and the water that hit our feet was quite warm. I couldn’t wait to get in it! We did get hit with a storm, so had to pack up early. So what’s a family to do? Go to a restaurant for some fruity drinks! I had a delicious frozen drink with rum, pina colada and blue Curacao. So good!

The second beach day was Island of Palms, and we were in it for the long haul that day. It was stifling hot, so my mom remained under our dome canopy, while we all went into the bath-like warm ocean water.

One of my favorite things to do is boogie board, so my sister-in-law, were boardin’ and chasing waves for hours! I LOVE it! I mentioned before what a sense of freedom I find in nature, and my husband said I was smiling the whole time. I am going to sound like Jeff Spicoly here, from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”, but catching the waves into the shore with the boogie board was “totally knarly”. I instantly become a kid again! I could do that all day!


No food was disappointing in Charleston. We are a huge lover of seafood, and let’s face it, I could eat crabmeat every night. Or salmon. or mahi-mahi. My brother and mother however, are not fish-lovers, so we had to find restaurants that accommodated with burgers, or steak, some kind of meat.  We went to a Crab Shack, and tomorrow I will share the amazing dinner we had for our 22nd Anniversary.

There may be a lack of food pictures here, because, guess what? We wanted to just eat and live in the moment. ( wink)

Crab Stuffed mushrooms. Yes, anything with crabmeat is a winner in my book!

My drink is a Painkiller, aptly named!

Of course, we had to go there! We didn’t have the pups on this trip as it was too hot, so m y friend comes to our home to watch Gibby and Truffy. This was mine, a fried green tomato benedict. Hubby had a crab and shrimp cake benedict.

Architecture- Historic Homes and More

The architecture and historic homes are just so beautiful. Stately, detailed and  ornamental, the colorful homes line the streets. We walked the historic district and the boardwalk on the last day. I just love to walk to see what I might miss otherwise.

All in black , but cotton and a 100% linen wrap skirt.

Did some browsing, and bought these “Barbie pink” floral hoop earrings at Oliphant boutique.

This was a residence back yard garden. Just unbelievable!

The obligatory selfie 🙂

I highly recommend Charleston as a wonderful place to go, it has been rated one of the top places to visit in the country.

Have you  been to Charleston?


  • Leslie Susan Clingan
    Posted at 20:09h, 14 August Reply

    My gravy, this is a side of Charleston I never saw. We flew in and out of Charleston Air Force Base to Panama in the ’80s. Had some crazy, crazy experiences there. Stranded there trying to get back to Panama more than once.

    Would love to see the prettier parts I missed back then. Those beautiful southern homes. Crab-stuffed anything…like you said. Those mushrooms look divine. Maybe I need to put a visit to Charleston on my to-do list.

  • Laura Bambrick
    Posted at 22:33h, 26 July Reply

    This looks like such a fun time! I love those fun earrings you got!

  • Michele
    Posted at 10:31h, 26 July Reply

    Hi Jess,

    Looks like such a great trip! Charleston is such a beautiful place-so much to see and do! Thanks for sharing.


  • Gail
    Posted at 02:28h, 26 July Reply

    Looks an amazing break! I love the look of the food (fried green tomatoes eggs Benedict!) and drinks. Boogie boarding sounds fun. I didn’t know the difference between a graveyard and cemetery either – I’d be on that tour like a shot x

  • Valerie Hansen
    Posted at 01:26h, 26 July Reply

    Wow Jess what a trip! Those mansions are gorgeous and I love the beach!


  • Maureen
    Posted at 20:51h, 25 July Reply

    I have never been to Charleston but I would love to. I don’t know that I could survive the stifling heat during this time of the year but I wouldn’t mind going in the fall. Also, I am a scaredy cat but I would be up for going on that ghost and cemetery walk. Before I got married I always loved doing city walks. They are a great way to see a particular city in such a short amount of time. I am a lover of seafood and I would love the food in Charleston. Sign me up! Those pink earrings are fun. Love the pink color and it’s a timeless style, in my opinion as it can be a pop of color or fun to any outfit!

    Maureen |

  • mireille
    Posted at 11:46h, 25 July Reply

    We almost went to Charleston (again) for our summer vacay this year but we ended up choosing a place we had not visited before instead. I love Charleston, there is so much to do, eat and look at!

  • Amy Johnson
    Posted at 07:36h, 25 July Reply

    I’ve been to Charleston once, I loved it most for its architecture and just walking around looking at all the old homes. I think I remember seeing that “Holy Spirit’ sign at the church. So funny.

  • Jodie Filogomo
    Posted at 17:32h, 24 July Reply

    That is someplace that we still want to go to. It sounds so fun especially all of the older homes!!
    And 90 isn’t hot at all☺️☺️☺️☺️. At least not here where there is no humidity

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