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City Beauty Review – “Functional Beauty”


I don’t know about you, but I need a “pick me up” in the Winter. With the grey days and cold weather, it is nice to receive a “goodie box” full of beauty products for me to try. City Beauty, a luxury beauty brand, reached out to me to see if I would try their products. Just the thing I needed! I was quite excited to try the products. Not only that, today is March 1st, so Spring is not far off!

City Beauty

City Beauty, a luxury brand based in Los Angeles California, “specializes in what we call “functional beauty,” meaning all of our products are designed to not only make you look beautiful while you wear them but to provide deeper benefits.”

“The City Beauty line is designed with skin-rejuvenating and collagen-supporting actives such as Hyaluronic Acid, Oligopeptides, Resveratrol, and Vitamin C, just to name a few.”

Remember when I visited with Jambu, the Good Housekeeping Institute, and toured their rigorous testing labs? City beauty has won the Good Housekeeping award twice and has been featured on Refinery29, ABC news just to name a few.

The products have “anti-aging” benefits, but can certainly be used by any woman regardless of age and the City Beauty lip plumper lipgloss has won awards, is the most popular lip plumper. I was curious to try these, even though I have no issues with thinning lips.

I love that they are “cruelty-free” and do not test on animals. ( I am a big animal advocate) I liked the natural ingredients that are beneficial in getting the results you want, at the same time being good to your skin.

City Beauty Products

When I saw the large box full of products, I felt like a kid in a candy store! These are not samples but full sized products I would be trying.  I will be sharing the products that I received and well as the intended outcomes and uses for the products. I was interested in the matte and gloss liquid lip products, as I have had issues with liquid lipsticks in the past causing dryness and feathering of the lips, so I would see if the City Beauty lip products were moisturizing. My mom told me recently, “make sure you take care of your lips, just like you would your skin. ”

City Lips – Gloss

The City Lips product is a gloss that has products that claim to plump the lips. I felt a little bit of a tingly sensation, not unpleasant when I first put the on the gloss. I would say there was a slight plumping after about 10 minutes after application, but I am happy with my lips, as I don’t have thinning lips.  They do state that there is more of an effect, so you want to continue to use the product. At $35 each, they are

It comes in many pretty colors, and I received this in clear, Sun Diego, Plum Springs, Pink Nude and Dusty Rose. I would love to try the red shades of this brand in Crimson, Red Velvet and Mulberry.

They went on easily and for the color shades, I had to apply several applications. The clear gloss was lovely over my MAC lipsticks. I tend to choose more plums and pinks for lipsticks, so I was happy with the selection I received. I thought I should try more of the darker shades in this line as well. The gloss was not sticky either, which I have found with other brands.

All of the products are cruelty-free, which I love, and have anti-aging benefits as well. “Hyaluronic Acid plumps, smooths, and hydrates on contact, and what is used in lip fillers. Because it is absorbed through the skin, there is no need for fillers! Read more about the ingredients HERE. 

Matte City Lips

I do like to try different liquid lipsticks but found many are drying on my lips. I did not find this with this lip product. Many times, by mid-afternoon, the product dries and I have to remove it. I wore the City Lips Matte in Rosy Mauve out for the day, and it stayed on my lips throughout the afternoon without feathering or drying. I love the rosy color too!

You could certainly layer the clear City Beauty gloss over the matte colors as well.

City Lips Matte offers a custom blend of anti-aging ingredients that help smooth the look of wrinkles and support collagen production for healthy, juicy, lips. “

Other City Beauty Products I Received

I am excited to try the other products that City Beauty sent me. Who doesn’t love a mask? I do love a creamy charcoal mask or avocado mask, but also love the sheet face masks that are popular my many brands. City Beauty sent me a package of 5 of the Hydromask. I thought I would use it after my daily bath for a bit of pampering! How did I like it?

According to the website

Its unique bio-cellulose material pushes a powerful anti-aging serum deep into your skin — to help boost elasticity and smooth out the look of fine line and wrinkles.

  • Decreases the look of fine lines
  • Reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles
  • Gives skin a plumper, smoother appearance
  • Noticeable difference after just one usel
  • Improved skin quality with regular use
  • Promotes visibly smaller pore

Multi-Action Sculpting Cream- I look forward to trying this. My first impression is it goes on easily and is of medium consistency. It comes with this gold spoon, so you just use that small amount of product. Noting that the 2 major areas of aging skin are thining ( loss of volume) and sagging ( which causes wrinkles) City Beauty has developed this cream to create a more taut look with peptides and other ingredients aimed and improving the look of skin. I don’t have sagging skin, but could use a bit of help with thinning.

City Lash- I have long lashes ( a family trait) and don’t concern myself with lash products, but I was interested in giving this a try. It supports lash growth, reduces breakage. The company has discovered “2 unique peptide formulations that were being used in Europe. These nourishing peptides target the “growth” and “shedding” stages of the lash growth cycle, while stimulating keratin production – for dramatic hair reactivation effects.” Read more about the product and ingredients HERE.

Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector– I certainly could have used this about a year ago! I had melasma from birth control pills, which was a brown patchy spot on my left side of my face. I went to the dermatologist and they said Melasma from BC pills, I could get rid of it using Vit C and Retinol cream. I since have done that, and no longer the discoloration. I am interested in giving this a try though.

Under Eye Recovery-claims to help eliminate dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. I don’t have much dark circles, but recently noticed a little puffiness in the morning, under the eye, when I wake up. ! “The first, unique ingredient in Under Eye Recovery is called LipolightLipolight scatters light that would normally hit your under-eye area and cause a dark shadow. But with LipoLight, this shadow is deflected, letting your eyes look illuminated — not puffy or dark.”

I was also thrilled to read about the ingredients in these products. Hyaluronic Acid is present, as well as amino acids and others you can read about here.

Hydromask –

I truly enjoyed using this mask. It felt great on the skin, due to “the highly active biocellulose sheet mask having active antiaging ingredients . I love to hydrate my skin, and especially in the Winter, when skin feels dry, this mask pushes a serum into the face to help in plumping, reducing lines, improved skin quality. I was very pleased with this and would love to continue to use this product to see the effects. I loved this!

According to Your Tango,

 “Its natural, ultra-fine fibers were originally developed for medical treatments (including burn victims), enabling medicine to penetrate into a deeper layer of skin.”

First, you can see how to apply it here.

You remember the commercial, “Calgon, Take me Away!” Well, I am all about the bath, and I use Epsom salts for my condition. Who doesn’t love a bit of pampering in the bath, when I relax and tried one of the Hydromasks. It felt good!

Have you tried City Beauty? What product/s would you try?

Enjoy 10% off  your entire purchase on when using JESS10 at checkout. Free shipping on all U.S. orders over $50.

I would love to try the Intensive Night Serum in the future, as I am a fan of serums and love the ingredients in this product.

c/o City Beauty products. This box of beauty products was gifted to me by City Beauty. *opinions are mine and truthful

Have a great day!
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Jess xx

  • Colleen Hall Carter
    Posted at 10:48h, 29 May Reply

    Jess – What did you ultimately think of the Multi-Action Sculpting cream? Did you see results and if so, do you have any before/after pics that you can share?

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:01h, 03 June Reply

      Hi Colleen, I am just getting caught up on the blog and replies! I will have to see about after pictures. If I do, I would post on IG. I do like it very much. I think it diminishes or softens the lines on my forehead and I need to have a moisturizer that works well too. thank you! xx

  • Jen
    Posted at 22:45h, 27 April Reply

    I’ve been researching this brand & it seems to have very good reviews. Even the complaints weren’t about the product – more issues with international delivery – even then the company seemed on it & made corrections quickly. I like that you’re not forced into a crazy contract.

    I’m going to try these products!!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:54h, 28 April Reply

      Hi Jen, I have the multisculpting moisturizer and it is great, I use it daily. I have, as a blogger, found great customer service. The lip products are great too, I love the matte, and I will layer with a gloss. Thanks for stopping! xx

  • Jessica
    Posted at 03:59h, 02 March Reply

    These are lovely dear, especially the lipstick. Really pretty shade!

  • Jodie
    Posted at 09:05h, 01 March Reply

    Gosh….everything sounds wonderful Jess. I’d be interested in the City Lash…I definitely need that!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:43h, 01 March Reply

      Thank you Jodie! I am going to give that a try -even though I have longer lashes to begin with. I was thrilled to be introduced to this company. xx

  • Lisa D.
    Posted at 08:13h, 01 March Reply

    Sounds like a great brand. I may have to look into it. The sculpting cream sounds like a product I’d want to try.
    Great review.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:42h, 01 March Reply

      Hi8 Lisa
      thank you! I am glad you like the review. It is a great cream and I look forward to seeing more of the results with using it. Thanks for popping by! xx

  • Marta
    Posted at 07:10h, 01 March Reply

    It seems like an amazing brand! I only use cruelty-free cosmetics so I’m definitely gonna have to check out this brand.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:40h, 01 March Reply

      Hi Marta,
      Yes, that is something I loved about this company! xx

  • thisblondesshoppingbag
    Posted at 07:08h, 01 March Reply

    Gosh I would love to get a box full of beauty! How fun to play and try! I am in search of a long wearing a lip color, may try Lipsense but I’ve heard some mixed reviews. The lip colors you tried are all so pretty!
    Have a great weekend Jess!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:38h, 01 March Reply

      Thank you Kellyann! It was fun to receive. I am going to try another mask this weekend, they are very hydrating. I love the lip plumpers too and look forward to trying some of the darker colors. Happy Weekend to yoU! xx

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