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A Day at Morgan Ridge Vineyards


Hello friends

I have introduced you to several vineyards in the North Carolina region, about a 2 hours north drive from Charlotte. Here is Midnight Magdalena in case you missed it. Today I am going to be introducing you to Morgan Ridge Vineyard.  From their site ” Located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina and recently awarded  Grape Growers Excellence Award, Morgan Ridge Vineyards has been creating quality wines since its inaugural vintage in 2007. Owners Tommy and Amie Baudoin operate the vineyard and on-premise winery while striving for balance and producing the best fruit possible to be used in the creation of their award-winning wines. Planted in 2004, the vineyard boasts seven prime acres encompassing seven different varietals used in the production of over 1500 cases of estate wine annually.”

The setting is quite lovely -a stone patio with many tables to sit and enjoy the wine and fine meal. It is also pup-friendly, as many of the vineyards are now becoming. The day we arrived we noticed about 75 bikes and many bikers making a pit stop. I had Gibby’s leather biker jacket and got a kick out of the possibility of putting it on him, however, the weather was quite warm. They stayed for about 30 minutes as the loud roars sounded off the next destination.

We had delicious food, a crab scallop cake with a cheese jalapeno potato salad to go with the chardonnay I had chosen. We often have to bring food to vineyards, however chef Jason Nain, does not disappoint with his menu. They do have craft beers as well, and my hubby tried the flight to his satisfaction. I love the atmosphere, but do wish there was more than one white wine to try. They also have the more rare Chambourcin wine-2010,2011, 2013.

Chambourcin is a purple-skinned French-American hybrid grape that is more readily available in the United States and Australia than in its homeland, France. Commercially released in 1963, Chambourcin is a relatively new hybrid but it is also one of the most successful. The intense dark color of Chambourcin has led winemakers in many regions to use it to improve the depth of blended red wines, without sacrificing the fruit quality of the main variety.

It is a full bodied wine with a rich and more unusual taste, but I love to try varietals I may not have heard of or had the opportunity. Here are a list of the other wines they offer.

If you are in the NC region, check out www.NCwines.org for finding local vineyards. Continue to visit Elegantly Dressed and Stylish for more vineyard as well as style posts!

Have a great weekend!

Jess xo


  • livewellplaytogether
    Posted at 16:23h, 07 May Reply

    This is so beautiful! It looks like a very relaxing place!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 08:34h, 08 May Reply

      Thank you! Yes, I love the atmosphere and enjoy spending the day there .xx

  • Tanjas Bunte Welt
    Posted at 13:12h, 05 May Reply

    Looks really great there and so natural

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:41h, 05 May Reply

      Thank you Tanjas, it was! One of those soak in the atmosphere kind of places 🙂 xx

  • countdowntofridayblog
    Posted at 12:12h, 05 May Reply

    Looks like a beautiful place and I would love to try wine from those grapes since I have never heard of them either! I love going to vineyards, but when I lived in North Carolina I was near the beach and didn’t find any good ones nearby. Glad you enjoyed your time there!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:40h, 05 May Reply

      Thanks for stopping! Yes, I am about 3 hours to the beach and 1-1.5 hours to many vineyards, so it is a nice location. I love trying and learning about new wines, so the Chambourcin grape was interesting! xx

  • Jess Jannenga
    Posted at 10:24h, 05 May Reply

    It is a very pretty place, great atmosphere! There were about 75 bikers there with their motorcycles and trikes. Probably about 4 other couples as well. xx

  • robjodiefilogomo
    Posted at 09:50h, 05 May Reply

    I can’t believe you were there and nobody else was!! What a beautiful place, Jess!

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