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Does Your Wardrobe Fit Your Lifestyle?



Happy Monday ladies!        * image courtesy of Google

I hope you had a Happy Easter. I think about the times we celebrated Easter, eagerly waiting to come home to find out hidden baskets. We would go to my mom’s church, the Ukranian Church with the blue domes in the Southside of Pittsburgh. I loved the smell of Paska, a traditional Eastern European bread we would smother with butter. All the traditions, I miss. We tried our hand at Pasanky, the handpainted Easter eggs, which are done so meticulously, one really appreciates the art form. Ah, I could continue to reminisce, but I am planning on talking about our closets ( wardorbe) and how it fits our lifestyle. Does your wardrobe fit or reflect your lifestyle?

As I child, I always liked wearing dresses, and I have a fond memory of a floral light blue dress I wore in 4th grade. I have always love the ease of a dress, the way a dress is free flowing and doesn’t encumber the body. I wore dresses and skirts in high school, later in college, with a vague memory of ordering from a Speigel catelogue. I think at the time, I just liked how a dress made me feel, more stylish, than my denim wearing friends. I think that is just how i felt, that, and i wasn’t crazy about the feeling of jeans.

Now, as an adult, I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Music and Education, so I knew the public school wouldn’t allow denim or dressing “down’, with the exception of a field trip or a “casual Friday.” My closet would consist of dress skirts, dresses, and tailored pants, but mostly dresses. It was easier to get dressed in the morning, that way. I would also wear more practical shoes, flats or a low heel mostly. Where were Karina dresses ( wrinkle free ) then? No-ironing, that would have been nice! I also wish Jambu would have been around when I taught in the classroom, as they would have been more comfortable than what I wore.

When I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, I couldn’t teach, and also quit the private music lessons I had at my house. Because of the pain, i couldn’t work a 9-5 or predict whether it was a good or bad day. Instead, this is what prompted me to start Elegantly Dressed and stylish blog.

My days now, are working on this blog, photoshoots, editing photos, writing. I am at home. I also have other interests in addition to blogging and have begun to play my guitar when I feel well. The point is, I don’t have to dress up when I go out and meet a friend, have an appointment, or go out with my husband. I just enjoy it and it makes me feel more put together when I am dressed well.

I have changed just over this year, to think in more of a casual realm. “Casual” doesn’t mean “sloppy” , “boring”, or “tired”.I love a put together look and favor color over wearing black. I love colors that work well with my copper hair, and find that dressing should be a creative way of reflecting my personality.

With EDS, i found jeans to be constricting and uncomfortable, as I had leg sensitivity. i just stayed away from them, prefering softer fabrics. Now, there are so many styles of denim, I desire a look, that isn’t necessarily trendy, but current and stylish. Denim is easy to pair with anyrhing and i have found several brands to be very soft and with stretch, so they feel inviting to wear. I tried on several pairs at Old Navy about a month ago, the 24/7 Rockstar jeans, that were said to feel soft and comfortable, like AG ( Alexander Goldschmied) Leggings. When trying them on, I may have whispered, “where have you been all my life?” as the price and the softness would be hard to be heat. Jeans would be great for a day at the vineyards, where we often enjoy spending time, as NC has an upwards of 90+ Veinyards, and we love to spend the day. Often times, I am on a blanket, in the grass, with my pups, or walking through the vineyard.

Jeans can be dressed up with heels, pearls, srtyled as I wish. I thin when I was younger, I always associated jeans with tee shirts, or very casual garb. Hubby and I also love to go camping, be outdoors, as well as see outdoor music concerts in the Spring and Summer. I still and always will love wearing skirts and dresses, and most of my dressing depends on my mood as well. I have just added a bit more detailed tops and blouses recently, and denim for those days I want to be a bit more casual in going out, but still be stylish. Add a blazer or a moto jacket and a formula develops for a chic outfit!  I love to add pieces to my closet now that work with my existing wardrobe, and find that some of my “teacher clothes” can be donated to our women;s shelter or goodwill.

So for me, whether I am feeling like i want to wear a dress, skirt or jeans, it is all about keeping my feminine, colorful look  true to myself.

Tell me, Does your wardrobe fit your lifestyle? What might you add or get rid of, why?


Have a great day!

Jess xo

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  • bridesmaiddress2017
    Posted at 05:17h, 09 April Reply

    everything mix so good. i adore this look!

    orange bridesmaid dresses uk

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 12:34h, 02 April Reply

    I think the key is, like you said, to be true to your individual style whether more formally or more casually dressed. You have done this perfectly in dresses and jeans outfits. Your feminine, colorful and creative look is always present in your clothing choices.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:47h, 03 April Reply

      Hi Rebecca! Yes. So true. I will always have a more feminine classic look as that is ingrained in my style and always has been. It is what I feel more comfortable in. I appreciate your comment!Have a wonderful week!

  • mummabstylish
    Posted at 12:22h, 02 April Reply

    Great post Jess, I’d love a wardrobe like this – mine is rather small and pokey in my room too. Too many clothes, shoes and accessories basically everywhere! We plan to build a new house that I have a walk-in wardrobe in, but that is nowhere near being started! I can’t wait for the day when I can have all my clothes in order and easily accessible. Thanks for sharing you great outfits and insight to your condition – wishing you plenty of luck. Hope you’ll join my #chicandstylish #linkup Hun. Jacqui Mummabstylish

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:45h, 03 April Reply

      Hi Jacqui!
      I made a point to say this pic is from Google, not my closet, i wish! I was referring to the wardrobe we have and if it fits your lifestyle. not so much the closet size. Do the clothes that you have work with your lifestyle? i used to dress up more with teaching and had more tailored clothes, but since i work on the blog at home now, and with my disease, I am dressing a little more casually these days. I appreciate you stopping by! xx

  • Amy
    Posted at 10:32h, 02 April Reply

    You’ve made me think about that closet… I think its meant to be, I need to go through and rethink it! And I love your style by the way, it always looks so lovely!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:19h, 03 April Reply

      thank you Amy, that is not my closet.. I wish! i have been thinking about what people wear.. bloggers ad others and wonder if it suits their lifestyle at the moment. Thank you for the lovely compliment! xx

  • Jodie
    Posted at 09:11h, 02 April Reply

    I do think my closet is ME!! But I also like to be adventurous and try new styles and pieces, so it could be a mish mash at times!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:07h, 02 April Reply

      With you know being at home, Jodie, do you find that your closet reflects your day to day life/ i understand having a variety is key! xx

  • thisblondesshoppingbag
    Posted at 06:57h, 02 April Reply

    My closet fits my personality well – all over the place! Ha! I sure wish it was bigger though because it is miniscule. I love all of your outfits, especially that last one with the black embroidered top. That top is so pretty and I love how you styled it.
    I have some Easter memories as a child, nothing major. But I do wonder what my boys will remember from Easter. We went to visit our older son yesterday up at school and I brought hard boiled eggs for the boys to color. It was funny to me that his roommates had never colored eggs before! I thought everyone did that! Just goes to show that everyone has different traditions!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:05h, 02 April Reply

      Thank you Kellyann! I have delved into a bit more casual recently this year, as like you… I am home. I thought that too about the colored eggs! xx

  • Heather
    Posted at 01:29h, 02 April Reply

    Another great blog, Jess! My closet definitely doesn’t fit my lifestyle! I recently retired, having done office work all my life. I keep saying I need to get rid of at least some of my clothes, and *definitely* some of my large boot and shoe collection! I love shoes and boots, but just don’t have the occasion to wear the smarter styles now, or to use my smarter bags. I go to a lot of fitness classes (aerial arts, Xtend Barre, Air Yoga, Handstands etc.) so am mostly in exercise wear these days, with a weekly food shopping trip with my Mum.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:03h, 02 April Reply

      Hi Heather! Thank you! I understand. i get you on the boot and shoe collection. Perhaps when you go out with your mom, or go out to dinner etc, wear the shoes or the fancier bag. i have also found it freeing to clean out my closet for what doesnt suit me anymore and send it to a women’s shelter or goodwill. Have a great week! xx

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