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Dressin’ Rockabilly Red


Happy Monday Ladies!

! Hope your holiday plans are going well, and you are able to go out and enjoy various festivities, concerts, or the like. When I was a kid, it was a tradition to see, The Nutcracker. I still love it. However, my hubby and I went to see one of my favorite swing artists and guitarists and  Brian Setzer and his orchestra. Love him! I saw him in Pittsburgh and he and his band put on a swingin great time! I love swing music, and with a rockabiliy flair. I wanted to dress for the occasion, the holiday and for the show.








If you dont know him by name, I am sure you have heard, The Stray Cat Strut,  or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Listen to him and the Christmas Show we saw

It is held in a large concert hall, and we have some nice sears in the Mezzanine. Before having EDS, I would have stood up at my seat and danced, my hubby and I even took swing dance lessons before our wedding. Well, Sat night I threw caution to the wind and just got up and danced to the swing tunes. I looked over in our section and it was me and probably 2 other women dancing! I didn’t want to be a seat dancer, reminding me of the lady on tv who sits in her chair and does chair exercises! ( Not that there is anything wrong with that!) I just find with swing, you need to move! I had a great time.

I just laugh to myself at all of the conservative men who clap their hands on their knees to the beat! Whoa, really letting loose!  I am kidding, as I know everyone has their own personality and comfort zone. THe show really was amazing. I love the whole big band as well as they are a group of very talented musicians and love how Brian arranges all of the tunes. I did ask the couple behind me if they mind if I stand and dance, as I didnt want to be in their way, I am 5 foot 9, 5 , 10 with a one inch heel, and the lady said, “No! Of course not, you are just too cute!” I was a bit embarrased

I was “In the Mood” for wearing my full skirt and new rose cardi for the festive concert, so I wore this Sheinside skirt with lace tights, black kitten heels, and a Banana Republic red tactile rose cardi I found on Poshmark. I did want to do my hair in Vintage Rolls, and figured how to do it, but it was raining so I knew it wouldnt hold. I put my hair up on one side with the green jeweled hair accessory I showed in my last post. I only saw 3 other girls in more of a 50s attire. One girl in a cherry dress, another with her hair up in a bandana 50s style, and tattoos showing, and one other lady with a fuller skirt and a lace top When we walked it, I did not see a soul dressed like me. It truly was a great time!! He is an amazing musician and guitarist.

Have a wonderful week!

Jess xo

( Skirt : Sheinside:love this  ) Sweater ( Banana Republic Ebay), Tights: H&M, Purse: Charming Charlie,  Earrings: the Jewel Box, Necklace: vintage from Etsy, (, Shoes: ( Aldo from Poshmark similar 

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  • Lisa Richardson
    Posted at 10:05h, 17 December Reply

    You needed a party to go to after the concert. You look beautiful in this outfit AND…You should wear your hair up!!!! That picture where you are holding it up, you look beautiful!!! How’s that for unsolicited advise. LOL Happy Tuesday!!! XO

  • mark
    Posted at 18:03h, 15 December Reply

    yowza! you strike a festive chord in this bright, beautiful and lovely outfit! you deserve to be bowed to as you walk by, dear lady!

  • Carrie
    Posted at 22:25h, 11 December Reply

    So pretty, Jess! Love the fullness of the skirt and the all red look. btw – I love big band music too. I grew up listening to Glenn Miller and In the Mood, of course.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 07:53h, 12 December Reply

      thanks Carrie, yes some of my favs! jes xx

  • katie
    Posted at 20:56h, 11 December Reply

    This is a stunning look! I love the skirt and it looks great with a red sweater. Sounds like you had a great time at the concert! I actually learned how to swing dance when I lived in Pittsburgh!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 07:52h, 12 December Reply

      HOw neat Katie! I didnt know you were from the Burg! My hometown Thank you for stopping by jess xx

  • Retroline
    Posted at 02:03h, 11 December Reply

    That’s a beautiful dress, I love it 🙂

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:39h, 11 December Reply

      thanks so much! I know it looks like a dress, but it is a skirt and top 🙂 thanks for comig by, jess xx

  • elb743
    Posted at 22:44h, 10 December Reply

    Jess, I love the mixed reds with that pretty collar and gorgeous clutch. I am in love with the circle skirt! I AM GLAD you enjoyed the show! Love the tights, too.
    xx, elle

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:38h, 11 December Reply

      than you!! I love full skirts, they immediately make you feel girly! The show was amazing Elle! I love swing, i listen to it daily, have a wonderful day, jess xo

  • Jaclyn Kent
    Posted at 22:06h, 10 December Reply

    Love the fit of that skirt!!! Adorable!!

  • Lauren
    Posted at 04:51h, 10 December Reply

    that outfit is so cute on you girl! I love the mix of red!


  • millieerosee
    Posted at 04:35h, 10 December Reply

    lovely necklace so beautiful and that outift is perfect for this time of year 🙂 x x


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 07:47h, 10 December Reply

      thanks so much ! jess xx Ir is a vtinage necklace I bought from Etsy

    Posted at 15:50h, 09 December Reply

    You definitely are ready for Christmas in that gorgeous red attire, dear Jess. I haven´t even started thinking about Christmas yet, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Thank you so very much for joining Share-in-Style once more, a true honour
    Ps: do not forget to vote on Thursday please, please

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:58h, 09 December Reply

      Of course friend! I wanted to wear something that was vintage inspired as I do love this style. Thank you so much!! I enjoy your link up and seeing the various stylw of women., Will vote, please remind if you can xoxo jess

  • litonkrl
    Posted at 14:21h, 09 December Reply

    Interesting tradition. Love the color of your skirt.

  • Johanna
    Posted at 10:00h, 09 December Reply

    You look amazing! Just gorgeous in that party skirt!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:20h, 09 December Reply

      thanks so much ! I had a blast at the concert too 🙂 jess xx

  • Ashley
    Posted at 08:31h, 09 December Reply

    A bright red, full skirt feels perfect for the holidays!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:38h, 09 December Reply

      Thanks so much lovely friend, have a great week, jess xx

  • KizzyDoll
    Posted at 08:20h, 09 December Reply

    You look amazing, love this red..marvellous. So warm and elegant :))) I hope you have a great week xx

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:38h, 09 December Reply

      Thanks Kizzy! You too, I love the full skirts and just had to dress my way for the concert 🙂 take care, jess xx

  • Dana
    Posted at 07:52h, 09 December Reply

    Beautiful, more beautiful, most beautiful!! You know how much I love this color, amazing outfit dear.. love it so much! Your little dog is sooooo cute! <3

    have a wonderful week dear friend

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:37h, 09 December Reply

      thanks so much my lovely friend. He is my best little buddy! You are too kind! You too!! jess xx

  • Porcelina
    Posted at 07:06h, 09 December Reply

    Stunning in red!! I also have floral tights on like that today, they’re almost exactly the same! I’m in black, but I almost wore a red dress to! Spooky x

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:37h, 09 December Reply

      Great minds think alike huh! Thank you so much, will have to stop by later,jess xx

  • arish
    Posted at 02:30h, 09 December Reply

    Me encanta éste look en rojo, es divino. BESICOS.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:36h, 09 December Reply

      I don’t speak Spanish, but appreciate your comment 🙂 thank you xx

  • Jill James
    Posted at 02:20h, 09 December Reply

    Beautiful in your reds, such a stunning outfit. I am sure you were one of the most elegant concert goers.
    P.S. Love your Christmas pup.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:36h, 09 December Reply

      thanks so much! Gibby my boy just lves his santa suit! jess xx

  • My Rose Colored Shades
    Posted at 23:23h, 08 December Reply

    You look stunning in this outfit! The beautiful deep red really flatters you. Gorgeous! ~Cynthia

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:35h, 09 December Reply

      thanks Cynnthia! I love ths skirt xx jess

  • Chioma
    Posted at 22:26h, 08 December Reply

    i love this look! It’s perfect for the holidays! 🙂

    C’s Evolution of Style

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:35h, 09 December Reply

      thanks sweetie! Glad you like it jess xx

  • J @ Bless Her Heart Y'all
    Posted at 22:06h, 08 December Reply

    I have the same red skirt! I love it on you with the all red look! Sounds like the concert was a ball!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:35h, 09 December Reply

      I brt it looks great on you too! The concert was so fun! jess xx

  • Lorna Mai (@LornaMaiLtd)
    Posted at 18:29h, 08 December Reply

    Love the colour, texture and fullness of your skirt plus your cute little dog’s outfit!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 18:36h, 08 December Reply

      thanks so much! My little buddies both have their santa outfits on 🙂 jess xx

  • Spashionista
    Posted at 17:56h, 08 December Reply

    You look like one of Santa’s sexy little helpers in that outfit! Very nice retro vibe for sure. I hope you enjoyed the show. He’s playing the Ryman tonight and one of my friends is steaming the band’s costumes as I write this 😉


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 18:16h, 08 December Reply

      Ha! You are too cute :-)) I am a retro girl at heart. I wear alot of my Karina dresses which are 40s vintage inspired, and love the full skirts etc.. I knew he was coming there, but how cool is that, really?! I wish I could have been on stage with those girl dancer 🙂 Does she know Brian?

  • nancy @ adore to adorn
    Posted at 17:35h, 08 December Reply

    what a lovely red ensemble. I love the details throughout the outfit with the different textures. =D how fun!

  • Darcy
    Posted at 16:08h, 08 December Reply

    So pretty! Red looks gorgeous on you!

  • kathrineeldridge1
    Posted at 16:05h, 08 December Reply

    Love this skirt and sweater on you! Perfect for the holidays. Thanks for sharing your concert experience! 🙂


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 16:08h, 08 December Reply

      Glad you like it! I had an amazing time! These skirts are great to dress up in ,m appreciate you stopping by ,jess xx

  • Amy Ann
    Posted at 15:20h, 08 December Reply

    This red is so happy. Love it!

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

  • Theboxqueen
    Posted at 14:37h, 08 December Reply

    Lovely and so elegant. The dress looks great on you and your puppy is such a cutie. XOXO, Elif

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 16:02h, 08 December Reply

      thanks sweetie, it is a sweater and skirt. I do see how it looks likie a dress. Gibby is my little boy, he was cold in his santa suit! jess xx

  • Monika from Styleworld40plus
    Posted at 14:22h, 08 December Reply

    Oh wow, dear Jess! What an amazing outfit. This red ist stunning. You look lovely my dear.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 16:02h, 08 December Reply

      thanks so much, it was my concert outfit and a Hokiday outfit! jess xx

  • Tracy Miller
    Posted at 13:58h, 08 December Reply

    Gorgeous red look and perfect for Brian Setzer. I’d love to see him perform.

  • Lea
    Posted at 13:40h, 08 December Reply

    Jess, I love this outfit on you! Thank you for stopping by HighHeeledStyle.com. You are always so kind and supportive and it is really appreciated.


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:13h, 08 December Reply

      No problem, it is deserved ::-) Glad u like my outfit jess xx

  • Shauna
    Posted at 13:34h, 08 December Reply

    The red is so perfect on you! You look holiday fantastic 🙂 And PS, I’m a seat dancer too 🙂 -xx



    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:13h, 08 December Reply

      Thanks so much, I could only do so much seat dancing until I got up and boogied! jess xx

  • Mel Menjivar
    Posted at 13:24h, 08 December Reply

    gorgeous red such a holiday look!

  • Lee
    Posted at 12:58h, 08 December Reply

    You look so good in red! Also, your dog is too cute in his santa outfit!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:20h, 08 December Reply

      thanks so much Lee, Gibby loves his santa suit! jess xx

  • Rachel
    Posted at 12:23h, 08 December Reply

    Beautiful dress – love your earrings and collar too!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:28h, 08 December Reply

      Thank you. It is actualy a cardigan and full skirt. Glad you like it too! jess xx

  • Red Tag Chic Los Angeles
    Posted at 10:43h, 08 December Reply

    You can’t go wrong with RED for the holidays – you look FAB!!!!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:27h, 08 December Reply

      Thanks so much Rebecca! I loved this sweater as the roses are tactile , I appreciate you stopping by girl xo jess

  • Rosa Diana
    Posted at 09:12h, 08 December Reply

    I love everything about this outfit and I LOVE you puppy, how cute! From the linkup, -Rosa

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:27h, 08 December Reply

      thanks Rosa! Glad you like my outfit, I love red. My boy has to go in his santa suit but he was cold! jess xx

  • Suzanne Carillo
    Posted at 09:06h, 08 December Reply

    Sounds like a blast.

    Your outfit was festive and pretty. And your puppy…well just ADORABLE!!!


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:26h, 08 December Reply

      It was awesome! I loved the music, I am a swing band girl at heart! Glad you like the outfit, I am not sure Gibby loves his ! he he jess xx

  • Ada
    Posted at 08:40h, 08 December Reply

    WOW YOU LOOK GORGEOUS IN RED. Love both of those pieces. Such Holiday-Chic Look! You look magnificient!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 11:11h, 08 December Reply

      Thanks so much Ada! I loved the roses on the cardi, and I really wanted to dress up for the concert. have a great week! jess xx

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