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Gifts Ideas for Her

I do all of the shopping for Christmas. It’s my job and I do enjoy looking for special things to get each person for the Holiday I realize Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so I thought perhaps you might enjoy a curated shopping guide to get started as well.

Pain is a Pain

Well, I don’t want to get off-topic here, but I have had a rough few days with my condition. Tuesday I went to my dry needling appointment, which leaves me exhausted due to a biochemical release that happens to the body. I basically come home- take an Epsom salt bath, and rest in bed with a heating pad. Wednesday, my pain increased and I was at about a 9 pain level. When that happens my anxiety seems to follow suit and I have a difficult time just resting in bed, but I do try and do something to take my mind off of things.  Feeling better today, I look forward to the Nina Simone Jazz concert we are attending on Saturday.

In Charge of Gifts

We can’t forget our furry friends! I made a Pet Gift Guide last year, so I may not do it this year, but I will tell you what I got my little ones. We were at a Doggie adoption event this year and a woman was selling her handmade sweaters for dogs. I was impressed! They were beautiful and she had a perfectly fitting sweater for Truffy, as she was a new size- a “smedium”- shes a cross between a small and medium. Long and thin in the body, she can be tough to fit. What else was great, it was reversible

Gibby will get a memory foam cushion to fit his crate. Since he has to stay in his crate when we go out, why not have him be the comfiest.

Yeah, we spoil them. But I love it.

Just as I love shopping for my little bears, I also enjoy shopping for family and for friends, etc. ( ie. groomer, hairstylist, PT)

I’ve bought some of these gifts and just came across others I think the lady in your family would appreciate it.

These are affiliate links and the blog may make a small commission at no cost to you.

Gift Ideas

Love this green herbal tea kit. It contains nine herbs and three varieties of green teas. I love my coffee in the morning, but the rest of the day I am drinking water or tea. Like Mother like Daughter

Skin Renewal Mask

You mix up different masks made from all organic ingredients. Who doesn’t love a relaxing face mask?

Lunar Bath Tea. Oooh, I love smelling those herbal scents for the bath. Nothing like relaxation.

Cheese and Tapas board. Love the presentation and who doesn’t love cheese?

Metal art that acts as a holder for your hair styling tools.

Mixed metals Pup Necklace. Just for Fun! I am a huge dog lover and love these! Read about the different breeds offered.

Rust chunky knit sweater. Love the style and cozy factor!

Pumpkin colored Free People sweater on sale. Yummy pie, yummy color!

I love a cushioned, warm pair of slippers. Love these comfy Uggs– if your feet are cold, everything else is too!


What I also love for Gift giving is giving experiences. Perhaps the person you are giving to doesn’t treat themselves often. Give them a gift card for a facial or massage.

Does your girlfriend want to become a better cook? Cooking classes might be fun!

My hubby gave me tickets to the Lion King at the theatre here years ago. I loved that and still have memories of the show.

Wine club or wine of the month would be wonderful for a wine lover ( like myself).

Tickets to a concert- I love hearing many types of music. Buy tickets for a concert, a classical performance, or musical.

Whatever I choose I like it to be something personal and meaningful to the giftee.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Jess xo


  • shelbeeontheedge1
    Posted at 12:27h, 26 November Reply

    Aw, Jess, I am so sorry that you were having a rough bout with pain. These are some really cute gift ideas. I love all things warm and cozy. And those puppy necklaces are too cute!


  • Layla Rosita
    Posted at 12:42h, 24 November Reply

    Those are some lovely gift ideas! The Ugg slippers are on my personal wish list as well, they look so super comfortable and warm.

    Xoxo, Layla |

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:09h, 26 November Reply

      Thank you! Yes, I love a pair of cozy slippers for winter.

    Posted at 11:15h, 23 November Reply
  • Kellyann Rohr
    Posted at 07:07h, 22 November Reply

    Super ideas! Those pup necklaces are so unique! I love giving gifts of experiences. We all have so much and that is a fun way to give a gift that will always be remembered. Great job Jess!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:33h, 22 November Reply

      Hi friend
      Thank you! I love it too. Glad you like the list. I enjoyed looking for items too. Have a great weekend!

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