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Holiday Cookies and Cocktails You Will Want to Make

I am sharing some delicious cookie recipes and cocktails you will want to make this Christmas Holiday

Sweet Treats for the Holiday Season

Sweet treats and the Christmas Holiday go hand in hand. Did I tell you I was a cookie person? The key is having one or two cookies! It can be tough when they are staring you in the face and calling your name.

My mom and I used to make alot of different varieties of cookies. -Spritz cookies with the cool design and buttery taste.  Buckeyes. (named after acorns) oh these creamy peanut butter and chocolate goodness won over so many of us!  I know my hubby would like them, as he gets a liquor called “Screwball” which is a peanut butter whiskey and every ice cream he buys must have peanut butter or peanut butter cups in the ingredients.

I am a cookie monster. It is tough to just have one or two, but it is worth savoring those delicious flavours.

My mom made a mean molasses cookie, so I had to get the recipe, and I am sharing it today-

Mollases Cookies- Betty Crocker does it best. CLICK HERE for recipe

Buckeyes- Yummy balls of peanut butter dipped in chocolate.


**source allrecipies

My mom and I would also make Spritz cookies.

Here is the Recipe from Betty Crocket for Classic Spritz Cookies

Picture is from Sallys Baking Addiction com website. **credit


The drinks we have made are a tradition that my sister in law and I have shared each year.

The first year was Christmas Mimosas

White Christmas Margaritas were the next year’s drink of choice.

Last year we made a Cranberry Martini

This year, we are making The Painkiller. I know, I know, very aprapos, considering. However, we were at a local distillery and there it was, The Painkiller on the menu, so of course I had to try ti! It is so good, and easy!


Well, my mom is in town, staying at my brother’s house, and we have a full weekend planned. Actually, yesterday was quite full with dentist and doctor appts, along with getting our hair done by my friend Mindy. This weekend, we are having an ornament and cookie party! The ornament party is like the secret santa game, in which we each have an ornament to give away. The cookie making is one selected cookie per person, so I am making the Mollases cookies. In addition, Sunday we are going to Old Meck Brewing for a German Christmas Marketplace. Lots of small business booths, beer/cider, hot cocoa, music, and fun. My mom and I have been looking forward to that.

The Pink Squirrel is something we made in 2020, as it was one of my Dad’s favorite drinks. We still laugh about it this day, as he was 6 foot 4, 250 pounds and loved his Pink Squirrel. READ about it here. 

I’d love to hear what you do for the Holidays? Any traditions ( food or drink) ? Any special cocktails you make? Let me know in the comments.


Have a great weekend!
Jess xx

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  • jodie
    Posted at 13:47h, 09 December Reply

    We just made Pizzelles because that was Rob’s family’s tradition. I love that you included drinks with this,

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