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How to Save Some Money in this Economy-Even as a Fashion Blogger


I am not a financial advisor but have learned ways to cut costs on some things to save some money. Even as a fashion blogger!

Fashion Blogging

Don’t you have to buy new items all of the time?

No. Although some fashion bloggers, buy things from Amazon, and sell them to you, they may not keep everything they get.

I want to share what I do in order to save without having to make many returns.

Thrifting- Ebay and Poshmark

I do buy some clothing new, but I also do a fair share of thrifting. You may not know that you can shop Poshmark and Ebay and look for new with tags. I have found many items that are practically new or new on these thrifting sites. Although not as “cheap” as thrift stores, where you might find a garment for $5 or less, you can still save substantially. Funny, story. I just bought a Michael Kors puffer jacket, to wear to the dog shelter, as I didn’t have a casual-can-get-messed-up kind of jacket. I got from Ebay, and it looked new. I liked it so much I couldn’t see myself wearing it and getting it torn, so I went back on Ebay and bought one for $14 that I deemed my “dog coat.”

Recently, I bought a pair of Fidelity designer denim for $35 shipped, when the style is selling for close to $200.

So, I will share “like items” on Like to Know it, if I don’t have a brand-new item to share, that is available.

You do have to keep in mind, thrifting through Poshmark, you cannot return. Some sellers on Ebay will have 30 returns, so look for this.

Not only is thrifting more sustainable, but you can often find treasures as a fraction of the cost.

This one I got on Ebay for $40 shipped is Michael Kors and I couldn’t bring myself to wear at dog shelter;-)

My dog shelter coat for $20 from Ebay.ย 

Consignment Stores-

This is another way to check out items, (may be some designer) that people have on consignment and wish to sell to make a small profit.

You can often find great deals there as well, on gently worn, or new items.

Wear Your Closet ๐Ÿ™‚

If you always wear the same clothes, the same way, try different combinations for a fresh and exciting look. This saves you from having to buy new and have that instant gratification of a new piece all of the time. Weed out the clothes and give to charity things you don’t wear or are worn. I go through a closet cleaning each major season- Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. I have given to Uncommon Threads this year those such clothes. What is wonderful is now I am excited about my closet and love putting together looks with clothes I really love!

Here this outfit is all from Poshmark, with the exception of boots and bag.

Pay off Credit Cards Each Month

We have several cards, but with interest rates, you want to pay off the balance each month. Be aware of the high interest rates some cards can have as well.

Find out your cash back options! We use the Coscto Premier membership and get cash back in addition to savings. I also use Rakuten, and Camelizer (these are extensions for your computer) ( for Amazon) to cash back at certain stores, and also to find the lowest price on Amazon .

Set yourself a Personal Budget

I do set myself a budget I want to spend each month and create a spreadsheet on Excel. This enables me to see my purchases, and if I am overspending, or sticking to it. For me, it is just extraneous items I purchase like clothes, beauty products, anything that doesn’t involve the usual bills of the house.

Be Aware of Shrinkflation and Look at Price per Unit at Grocery Store

Are you seeing how small these boxes are? Before long, the cereal boxes are going to be the size of the ones we used to get in a pack? Remember those, Corn flakes, Fruity Pepples. They came in a 4 or 6 pack? Everything is getting smaller, and if you buy a bag of chips, you get half a bag and the rest is air! Make sure you are looking at the oz and price per unit, as the marketing can often fool you, with terms, like “Family Size” or “Party Size” I like graham crackers and often eat them with yogurt as a snack. Well, the “Family size” box, has gotten substantially smaller with 25% less, yet the price is the same! I asked myself, “family size”? What, a family of mice? And doesn’t the “Party Size” depend on the size of the party! Lol. Ok, I know, I am splitting hairs on that one.

Streaming Costs

They just keep going up right? See which channels are redundant and choose the ones you watch the most. Don’t watch sports? Get rid of ESPN. I had to keep Acorn! It is $7 a month and I love the English mysteries!

Buy in Bulk – Costco

We buy monthly at Costco, and even though it is the 2 of us in the household, we buy many things from them in bulk and freeze what we don’t use right away. It makes the dollar go father and they have so many good items at fair prices! Their pies are twice the size of your grocery store at the same price point. As I mentioned, find the club cards that give you cash back as well.

These are just some examples, and there are many more. It can be tough, but the idea is finding ways to save in this economy.

I would love to hear of ways in which you save. Let me know in the comments.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jess xx

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  • mireille
    Posted at 12:42h, 20 February Reply

    One place we pay too much money is our satelite tv but since my mother in law spends all her time in front of the tv, it is hard for us to cut cost there. Groceries have been going up and I try to have some budget friendly meals certain weeks to even out the cost. Last week, I spent $300 for the week instead of my hoped for $200 so this week, I am going to see how low I can go!

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