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Microblading After 50- Would I Recommend it?

Back in February I treated myself to getting my eyebrows microbladed.

Microblading Over 50? Would I Recommend it?

Let’s first talk about- What is Microblading?

From Wikipedia ,“Microblading is a tattooing technique and form of permanent makeup in which a small handheld tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi-permanent pigment to the skin.

Microblading is typically used on eyebrows to create, enhance, or reshape their appearance in terms of both shape and color. It deposits pigment into the upper region of the dermis, so it fades more rapidly than traditional tattooing techniques, which deposit pigment deeper into the skin. ”

I am usually very good at researching but didn’t realize all of the steps and patience I would have to have.

Microblading after 50? Was it a good idea?

With all of my health issues, I really felt like I wanted a treat. Not just any treat. I have wanted to get microbladed eyebrows for years now.

The key for me was, the design, how would it heal, and who would I go to?

I was not looking for the shocked eyebrow appearance, an arch to the eyebrows that just wasn’t there.  The funny thing was, I remember back in middle school, hating my “Brook Sheild’s Brows”.  Well, eyebrows have come a long way since then, and I decided to go with a lady I came across, in Charlotte, on Instagram. I was looking for defined, yet natural looking eyebrows.

My brow artist did tell me that if one has oily skin, it may not be recommended, as the pigment from the dye may not take. My skin is not oily, so I decided to go for it.

The Process

I first was given a numbing cream on my brows and to sit for 30 minutes to let it get numb. Then the process is, creating the shape, and mapping out the spacing between your brows for accuracy. That was all fine. Then you discuss color with the artist, and you’re soon on your way.

When she started with the strokes, there was no pain, just a scraping sound, as they are making small cuts into your skin. It’s always the sound of the tools, for me, not the actual cutting. (Like the dentist with the drill!)

I opted for microshading as well, which creates a more natural look shading and drawing hairs.

I’m used to dry needling and such, so there really was no pain with the procedure.

The Steps of Microblading

Day 1 of Microblading-right after

So, this  above was right after the microblading experience. It was darker than I expected, but my hair had faded quite a bit, so there was that contrast.  I was a bit surprised at how dark it was, but I was told to “trust the process.”

Don’t Panic! 

It will not stay as dark as when you get it done, and there is a fading and healing process. They will look more natural!

With microblading they fade about  40-50% when the healing is finished. Ok, no need to worry!

Day 2-4

Over the next 2-3 days after microblading, it gets even darker, then begins the healing process.

This is when the pigment is darker as it gets into your skin and the strokes may seem thicker. Just be patient. (That is not always my forte)

This is when some people tend to have an “eyebrow crisis”, when they say to themselves, “What did I do? ”

I didn’t as I was told what to expect!

You could see it flake a bit or have some scabbing

Day 5-7- Scabbing and flaking stage

Here they started to itch, but you aren’t supposed to touch them or get water on them. I was also told to not pick the scabs, as they would fall of naturally.

I’d say during this process, I was a bit obsessed with this process, as evident by the tons of eyebrow pictures on my camera card!

Day 8-10- “Ghosting Stage” 

This is where my artist told me that because the pigment is new to the skin, there will be a “ghosting stage” where it looks like some of the strokes have disappeared. I was told to “have no fear” that they do come back.

I don’t think I took pictures during this phase, but I was glad to be aware of it.


Pigment will be back and you can see more defined strokes 18-30 days

Hubby just loves this picture above ^ Showing some healing eyebrows! Now imagine 75 of these on your camera roll LOL!

Touch Up ( About 6 weeks after the Microblading session) 

This was after right after the touch up was done. So again, darker, but I knew it would fade.  You go through the same stages at the touch up, only the healing time is less, since the pigment is already there. The healing for the touch up is about 7-10 days max. I had hardly any flaking, ghost stage after the touch up.

She told me it again, would fade, but at about 30%.

Final Outcome

I am happy with the outcome. I find the shape followed my natural brow line and I don’t have a surprised look or tall arch.

The strokes are visible, and I don’t have to put on eye makeup. Sometimes I do to add to it, but most often, you are good to go. The beauty of microblading is that you don’t have to spend all that time on brow maintenance, and money on brow products. They do make a difference to my face- as they are more defined.

Age didn’t really factor here, as I wanted a low maintenance brow, and learned that people heal differently. I seem to have a fine healing process that was typical for microblading. So, would I recommend? Yes! Yes, I would. I would say, do your research and also know the artist’s skills.

Key Points

  • Find a reputable brow artist. One that is certified, has experience, and one that you can look at their work. You can ask for their portfolio or see their work on-line (on Instagram).
  • Know what shape you want. If you want a natural brow, do say so.
  • Be prepared not to get your eyebrows wet, no sweating, and follow the aftercare religiously for a great outcome. I used a shower cap and took baths. If they do get wet, pat them dry right away.
  • You have to be patient, and you can’t do anything to expedite the process.
  • Do know, that if you aren’t crazy about the outcome, other artists often do not want to do the touch ups of someone else’s work. You would have to wait until it fades, and start over again with another artist.
  • If you have questions, make sure you can text or get in touch with your artist.

Would you or have you had microblading? What was your experience? 

Let me know in the comments.

Have a great weekend.

Jess xx

  • Sylvia T
    Posted at 16:08h, 19 March Reply

    Had mine done in another state (I’m 63) and it’s was over a year ago. They were a bit ashy so had them redone yesterday with a color correction. I am hating how dark they are now and know it’s the healing process. I pray they lighten up. Hardest part is not wanting to see anyone and stay home locked in for two weeks or until I feel comfortable! 🙁

  • Kim Oliveira
    Posted at 09:39h, 01 April Reply

    I am 63 and had my brows done about 4 years ago. Just go back about once a year for regular touchups. My brows were almost non-existent, so the procedure gave definition to my face and made me look younger. I highly recommend the procedure!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:19h, 03 April Reply

      THat’s great that you had a good experience. I like waking up and not having to do much if any to my brows. Yes, the shape really frames your face

  • Ally
    Posted at 17:07h, 31 March Reply

    I love your outcome thru all the stages , going to be 55 this summer as well an Im searching which technician an technique to choose These eyebrows are skimpy an tired of the daily make up ordeal . Thank you for sharing step by step there gorgeous.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:21h, 03 April Reply

      Hi Ally. Yes, treat yourself, but you want to go to someone reputable. You will be getting touch ups each year and it has to be done by the same artist. Best wishes!

  • Sue Cunningham
    Posted at 12:11h, 31 March Reply

    I would not recommend microblading for women over 50, and actually, I would not recommend it to anyone. I am very disappointed in my brows and am in the process of having them lasered for removal. I have very little hair-like blading and mostly overthick fill in..They actually look painted on which is the opposite of what I wanted.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:23h, 03 April Reply

      I am sorry to hear that the procedure did not work for you. I imagine it is disappointing. I hope the removal goes smoothly for you. I could use a few hair like strokes, and will certainly mention that when I go for the touch up.

  • Sally B McGraw
    Posted at 00:52h, 31 March Reply

    I am 64 and had my brows microbladed about 8 years ago. I go for a touch up once a year. Microblading has changed my life! I’ve never had a healing problem and without this procedure my eyebrows would most likely be totally white now. I love my eyebrows. Of course the touch up now costs what the original procedure did 8 years ago, but, to me it is well worth it.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:26h, 03 April Reply

      So glad you had a great experience! I do beleive it is how one heals, and it sounds like you did quite well. I still have to pluck my white or silver hairs from my eyebrows. It is also nice to have less to do in the morning!

  • Sally McGraw
    Posted at 00:51h, 31 March Reply

    I am 64 and had my brows microbladed about 8 years ago. I go for a touch up once a year. Microblading has changed my life! I’ve never had a healing problem and without this procedure my eyebrows would most likely be totally white now. I love my eyebrows. Of course the touch up now costs what the original procedure did 8 years ago, but, to me it is well worth it.

  • Jv
    Posted at 21:20h, 30 March Reply

    Matching a natural redheads eyebrows is tricky! I feel your artist went way to cool brown tone on you. Were you happy with the stark contrast of your brown eyebrows next to your vibrant colored red hair?

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:27h, 03 April Reply

      Hi! I have dark auburn brown hair naturally, and The color has faded so it isn’t as start as it first was. THe microblading fades about 40% or more, so it isn’t as dark as it was.

  • Terry Crews
    Posted at 08:12h, 30 March Reply

    I am 59 and had microblading and then a color boost microblading 6 weeks after the initial set had healed. My skin is dry so it took very well. I didn’t get shading just the microblading myself. Mine did sting getting them done despite using numbing cream. But it gets done pretty quickly.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:28h, 03 April Reply

      Sounds like you like your outcome. I have drier skin as well. thanks for your input!

  • Phyllis Stratton
    Posted at 02:07h, 30 March Reply

    I got premium eye brows and they made one more appointment for me. So far I am not happy with it. I would like to have it show some hairs and but it,’s not completely done. I would like some hairs to show.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:29h, 03 April Reply

      HI Phyllis, I would certainly bring that up at the touch up. I feel like I could have more hairs showing as well, so when it is time for the touchup, do tell your artist.

  • Carol Davis
    Posted at 13:45h, 29 March Reply

    I’m 7yrs in and have only touched up once (thanks COVID 🙁 ) and I have oily skin.
    Mine have lasted and only really started to fade 2yrs ago.
    My dilemma is I’m now 65 and my brows are starting to go gray, so I feel it may be a waste as I’d just end up plucking all the grays out.
    It gave me a great shape though that is a good template to work with daily. No regrets!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:30h, 03 April Reply

      Hi Carol, oh that is great! Good to hear that you have oily skin and don’t have to get the touch up as often. My greys and whites are coming in, but I just pluck them. Yes, the shape makes a huge differece!

  • Wanda Enoch
    Posted at 09:11h, 29 March Reply

    Hi, I am a permanent makeup artist and have been doing this for 30 years. I would like to clarify all this terminology. Microblading is one name for the hair stroke designing of the brow tattoo. There are basically 2 techniques. Hair stroke and shading. They can each be applied alone or blended. It really depends on your existing hair pattern, hair color, skin type and desired results which technique will work the best. An experienced artist should be able to do both techniques.

  • Sara Garland
    Posted at 23:29h, 27 March Reply

    I am thinking of having my eye brows tattoo is that a good thing?

  • Debbie Flier
    Posted at 19:39h, 27 March Reply

    Looks good

  • Emily Barefoot
    Posted at 22:56h, 26 March Reply

    At 64 I was so tired of having to draw them on and spent a fortune on every pencil available. I did my research and absolutely love mine. As far as not getting the.m wet my technician provided an oil that I put on before showering and the water just ran around the brow and it was also used to keep the brow from drying out. I had minimal scabbing . I got the brush stroke blading because I wanted a natural look. Best treat for myself ever!

  • Demaris Brower
    Posted at 14:13h, 26 March Reply

    I wouldn’t recommend micro blading over 50. I had mine done and they disappeared. Literally healed with about three “hairs” on each brow. I found another artist who told me she never recommends micro blading on older or oily skin as it just doesn’t hold. So she did powder brows for me and they healed perfectly and have been just fine. I now warn friends about micro blading on older skin.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 14:24h, 26 March Reply

      Hi Demaris,
      I beleive it depends on skin type and how people heal. I did read about oily skin and it not being recommended, as the ink may not take. Oh geez! three hairs! Sorry to hear that and glad you like your powder brows.

  • Tina Weatherford
    Posted at 18:41h, 18 March Reply

    At 64, I have just had my brows touched up. They look great. It really boosted my spirits. I highly recommend the procedure.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 21:40h, 19 March Reply

      That sounds great! I know I will only go once a year for the touch up- eyebrows make such a difference for your face.

  • Roz
    Posted at 19:31h, 17 March Reply

    How do you not get them wet when you need to shower and wash your hair?z

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 21:42h, 19 March Reply

      I took a bath and used a bowl with my head back. If that isn’t an option, if you have to shower, you can try not to get them wet and some put something over the eyebrows like a cap. If you do shower and get them a little damp, just pat them dry right away. It has to do with the ink from the procedure.

  • Kelz
    Posted at 18:58h, 16 March Reply

    I would never recommend for mature or oily skin! It’s unfortunate if artists are not vetting clients and just saying Ok to anyone!!

    Nano Brows or Powder Brow are great options that work for many clients! One of my clients who has difficulty healing with diabetes 1 did so well with powder brow.

    If you have questions from an artist I’m more than willing to help or assist anyone

    http://www.Tintofbeauty.com or my Fb page 💕

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 21:44h, 19 March Reply

      HI I have mature skin and it didn’t make a difference, I was just told that mature skin can take a little longer to heal. ( Didn’t happen in my case. ) Oil is different and can be hard for the tattoo to take.
      I agree there are other brow options out there. Thank you for popping by!

  • Truly Starr
    Posted at 16:42h, 16 March Reply

    Thank you for your post and pictures as I’m having mine done in a couple weeks. They look natural and lovely on you! Can I ask how young you are?

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 21:45h, 19 March Reply

      Hi! I bet you are excited to have them done . I do like that they look more natural. I am going to be 55 this summer.

  • Lovee Nichole
    Posted at 18:55h, 15 March Reply

    How long does it last? I want permanent eyebrows, but idk any tattoo artists that are really good – as it’s on my Face. I can’t afford to do micro blading every 6 months. Please and thank you ❣️❣️❣️

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 19:28h, 15 March Reply

      Hi Nichole, It should last the year, and then you get a “touch up” where they fill in areas that need touched up. Once a year is what my artist told me and it was much less than the microblading procedure.

  • Midlife and Beyond
    Posted at 15:30h, 10 March Reply

    Yours look great and I love the end result. I’ve been thinking about this for ages. Thank you for sharing your experience.. like you, I would want defined, yet natural looking eyebrows. There is someone near us who has a great reputation and I did ask about it, but she was worried I wouldn’t heal well, as I have an underactive thyroid. She suggested powder brows, since then, I’ve scared myself looking at too many YouTube disasters! Would still like to take the plunge and have it done though, my eyebrows are disappearing! Oh the joys.
    Alison xx

  • Cheryl Tucker
    Posted at 08:38h, 08 March Reply

    You look lovely and I can see how so many would love to have this done! I’m on the fence about doing anything to my brows. They have always been blonde and light and I am so used to it and fine with it. But it would be fun to see how I would look. Great post!

  • Sakuranko
    Posted at 13:33h, 06 March Reply

    Oh very good effect darling

  • Heather Noire
    Posted at 16:32h, 04 March Reply

    It looks great on you. I think there would probably be side effects as with everything now a days. And I think this is great for someone who wants to do this it explore options. Thanks for sharing. https://www.bauchlefashion.com/2023/03/controversy-surrounding-discontinuing.html

  • Theresa
    Posted at 20:21h, 03 March Reply

    Wow it came out beautifully!! So natural in you! I’m chicken!! 😂😂

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:25h, 05 March Reply

      Thank you! I am used to needles and such, the numbing cream makes it less paindul. 🙂

  • jodie
    Posted at 12:10h, 03 March Reply

    OMG, this is so good Jess. I’ve thought about it, but haven’t really taken the plunge.
    I’m planning on an eyebrow post soon because Lesley and I were talking about it. If you don’t mind, I’ll add your link about your experience.
    It’s nice that you knew what to watch out for in each stage.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:25h, 05 March Reply

      Thank you Jodie. Wasn’t painful for me, and I loved the outcome and not having to do brows all the time. Sure you can link my post!

  • Dawn
    Posted at 11:48h, 03 March Reply

    I got permanent eyeliner for my 5oth and love it! As a natural redhead with pale almost invisible brows and lashes, I really and glad I got that done. I’m thinking of getting the microblading, but would need light red for my brows. My sister got a wonderful blond for hers and they are fantastic, doesn’t even look like mircoblading at all. Thanks for sharing your journey and the process.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:24h, 05 March Reply

      That sounds great too! I asked about red, and she said it fades too quickly, but I think you could ask and see, as they do make them darker initially. I do like a natural look too!

  • Jacqui Berry
    Posted at 03:50h, 03 March Reply

    They look super Jess, I had mine done a few years ago just had them topped up! Not actually micro bladed, but powder brows. Not looked back. Jacqui

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:22h, 05 March Reply

      Thank you Jacqui! Powder brows are nice too! I did have the microshading with it as well. Its nice to only have to go once a year for a touch up.

  • Nancy
    Posted at 02:42h, 03 March Reply

    I have that done a few years ago for the first time
    And I’m so happy with it! And it looks fabulous on you too. I think it’s a perfect way to always have good looking brows.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:22h, 05 March Reply

      Thank you Nancy! Oh, thats great. Yes, they are so easy and not to have to do anything with makeup is wonderful.

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