My Valentine Surprised Me - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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My Valentine Surprised Me


Hello Ladies,

Well, it seems that I was greeted with a surprise by our UPS driver Actually, the surprise was from my husband for Valentine’s Day.( Sorry for the lovely indoor shots! It was cold, windy and rainy today. Believe me, if I could have put a snowscape in the background, I would have. And “princess” HAD to be in the limelight!


IMG_6367IMG_6368IMG_6371 Usually we give each other sweet little cards, possibly some yummy chocolate truffles from Killwins or Godiva, little things like that that are just as lovely of a gesture. Well, I have been having a difficult time with my health, gone through alot in the past 2 months, and just think my hubby wanted to give me a surprise “pick me up”, I love you gift. And boy, it was!  What a surprise!

I know I am in the Southern State of Charlotte, and it doesn’t get too cold here, but cold enough for a lighter winter coat. I have black and red, some of the more traditional colors, but I admit, when I saw this on Amber of Forever Amber, another redhead, I just adored this coat! The 50s vintage look, collar and style really appealed to me, and last year the onslaught of pale pink coats made me really desire this color in a winter coat! I have plenty of leather jackets and faux leather jackets, but I think a bright pastel coat or color is just what the doctor ordered.I love the weave of the coat, and had to put a vintage purple brooch on there for the look. I also love the big buttons which are actually snaps. Some people weren’t fond of that, but I love it, as many of my coat’s buttons tend to loosen or fall off.

What memories do you share on Valentine’s Day? Is it just a commercial holiday, Hallmark devised in order for people to buy cards? A fancy restaurant conspiracy theory, creating overly priced 3 course meals we might not otherwise pay for? ( I do like Valentine’s Day) I have memories of course of earlier days, in elementary school when you would get your valentines ready and signed in your folied -cut out heart box with the opening large enough to fit just a few valentines. Then, now, just usually romantic gestures like flowers and a card, or a homemade note is what I recall. There will be no heart shaped moving beds or bathtubs for us, but rather just an appreciation for being together for almost 14 years!

As a former jazz musician, the first song that comes to mine is “My Funny Valentine”, but since there are so many songs out there celebrating love, I came up with a few of my other favorites you might enjoy listening to.

…And did I tell you HOW much I LOVE this COAT? ( and my thoughtful hubby!)

“As Time Goes By” Casablanca

“Unforgettable” Nat King Cole

Happy Valentine’s weekend!

Jess xo

Coat: Boden Eliza in Pink, Boots: Steve Madden: Bag: Kate Spade Hat and Gloves ( Vintage store in Asheville)

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  • Emmy
    Posted at 18:42h, 16 March Reply

    I love your coat. It reminds me of something Lady Mary would wear on Downton Abbey.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 18:55h, 16 March Reply

      Thank you Emmy for stopping by! It is an English Brand, Boden..and has a vintage look. Thanks so much, I love Downton Abbey, and I appreciate your comment 🙂

  • Ada
    Posted at 10:35h, 18 February Reply

    It sounds like an awesome Valentine’s! Love the pink coat and clochet hat.

    Congratulations on 1-year of blogging as well. I love your feminine, sophisticated style with touches of retro and vintage-inspired looks you put together. Jess!

    <3 Ada.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:42h, 18 February Reply

      Thank you Ada, that means alot. It has seemed longer with all of the people I have met! Glad you enjoy my style 🙂 xx

  • Lorna Mai (@LornaMaiLtd)
    Posted at 19:04h, 16 February Reply

    I love this vintage look on you Jess. Too bad you’ve struggled with your health recently but sounds like you have a lovely husband. Pink and grey is a beautiful combination.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 20:07h, 16 February Reply

      thank you Lorna! I do, it was a great surprise and I love the coat. xx

  • Martina Elegant40
    Posted at 12:07h, 16 February Reply

    What a nice coat! I would like to find on for myself, too. You look so pretty in pink!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:17h, 16 February Reply

      Thank you Martina! I listed where I got it. It is a British site, Boden. Have a great week! xx

  • Sarah
    Posted at 08:59h, 16 February Reply

    I adore the pink coat, it is fab!!! Great Valentines look.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:40h, 16 February Reply

      thank you Sarah, i appreciate you stopping by! xx

  • Crystal From Tidbits of Experience
    Posted at 21:24h, 15 February Reply

    The whole outfit is really nice. I even love the fact that your dog had to get into the picture too.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 07:49h, 16 February Reply

      thanks Cystal! I appreciate you stopping by! She is such a princess~ xx

  • Laura
    Posted at 14:48h, 15 February Reply

    That coat is just beautiful! What an amazing surprise!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:40h, 15 February Reply

      Thank you Laura! I know, I love it. Have a great day xx

  • Eni
    Posted at 13:55h, 15 February Reply

    Love your adorable coat Jess!!!! Have a nice day, kisses,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:39h, 15 February Reply

      HI Eni, Me too!! Enjoy your day too, jess xx

  • Debbie Stinedurf
    Posted at 09:11h, 15 February Reply

    What an amazing surprise! That coat is beautiful and pink is definitely a color that works with our red hair. 🙂

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:52h, 15 February Reply

      Hi Deb! Thank you! I suppose I should prepare you for the amount of pink I amassed for spring. Yes, that is one fashion rule that is so not true, red heads CAN wear pink!
      Hope you had a great Vday weekend xo

  • Alex
    Posted at 03:25h, 15 February Reply

    You look lovely in that coat Jess and what a great gesture to surprise you with it!

    Alex – Funky Jungle

    • Jess
      Posted at 07:37h, 15 February Reply

      thank you Alex! it was a surprise :_) xx

  • elb743
    Posted at 00:16h, 15 February Reply

    I adore this pink coat and it’s somewhat old-fashioned vibe.
    You have styled it so it looks very contemporary and you look totally gorgeous in it. Excellent. And you deserve all good things.
    I also posted indoors today , and my dog also decided to be in the picture. How funny is that?
    I truly hope you feel better soon. Kisses, Elle

    • Jess
      Posted at 07:39h, 15 February Reply

      Hi Elle, it must be “great minds think alike” or karma, or maybe it was just too darn cold to be outside! hehe. Glad you like the coat, I am in love with the color. Truffles was totally accidental.. She likes the spot light 🙂 Thank you again friend xo

  • Miriam @ Farm Girl
    Posted at 23:47h, 14 February Reply

    What a lovely coat! I remember admiring it on Amber (I’m a huge fan of her blog), and it looks wonderful on both of you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:55h, 15 February Reply

      Hi Miriam!
      Thank you for stopping by. Yes, as soon as I saw it on her site, I fell in love with it. Very much my style as well. Hope you had a great Valentine’s weekend. xx

  • Nicole Keener
    Posted at 10:09h, 14 February Reply

    Jess I absolutely love your style!! I am in love with your coat and hat!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:32h, 14 February Reply

      Thank you Nicole! I loved this pink coat as soon as I saw it! xx

  • Jacket Society
    Posted at 21:24h, 13 February Reply

    What a great surprise! You look great in that pink coat and I love your hat and your signature pin. Happy Valentine’s Day Jess, hope you enjoy the day with you hubby!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:51h, 14 February Reply

      Thank you Nora, I seem to have a fair amount of pink for spring too, Red heads can wear pink 🙂 It was a great surprise. I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day weekend too! xo

  • adrianaf20
    Posted at 18:47h, 13 February Reply

    Love the color of your coat!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 09:49h, 14 February Reply

      thanks so much! I appreciate you stopping by jess xx

  • Dawn Lucy
    Posted at 15:26h, 13 February Reply

    Hubby totally get a gold star for this fab coat! I adore it on you! And it reminds me of my vintage pink coat that was my mom’s. Lovely! Happy V Day, Dear …
    Dawn Lucy

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 16:12h, 13 February Reply

      Hi Dawn! Yes gold star! It was a surprise. I love the color and style. Funny,. my mom said she had a coat similar when she was my age! neat!! Happy V Day weekend to you too. xo

  • Lady of Style
    Posted at 15:01h, 13 February Reply

    What a lovely surprise by your husband, Jess! He obviously knows your style.
    The coat is lovely and perfect for you and the spring season too.
    Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

    Annette | Lady of Style

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 15:09h, 13 February Reply

      Thank you! Yes, he knows me style and it was such a nice surprise! Happy Valentine’s Weekend! xo

  • Shannon
    Posted at 13:51h, 13 February Reply

    What a sweet surprise! The color looks gorgeous on you! How nice of your husband! I hope you both have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:54h, 13 February Reply

      Thank you Shannon! I loved the color too and it is getting colder here in Charlotte. xo

  • TanjasBunteWelt
    Posted at 12:40h, 13 February Reply

    Looks really lovely! You have a good husband, this suprise is great!
    Happy Valentine´s Day <3

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:49h, 13 February Reply

      Thank you Tanja!
      I love pink and it truly was a surprise!
      Happy Valentine’s Day! xx

  • Sabina “OceanblueStyle” B
    Posted at 09:33h, 13 February Reply

    What a lovely surprise! And that color is just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo right for you Jess! You always surprise me too with your versatility looks like you can wear any color and always look fabulous! Have a great day my friend and stop by! xo Sabina | Oceanblue Style

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:04h, 13 February Reply

      Thank you Sabina! I was in love with this color when I first saw it! Red heads can wear pink! You are so sweet. Will stop by today my friend. xo

  • Patti
    Posted at 09:24h, 13 February Reply

    Such a gorgeous coat, and what a wonderful surprise. Happy Valentine’s Day to you both!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:03h, 13 February Reply

      Thank you Patti! It was a great surprise! You too Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  • suzannecarillo
    Posted at 09:00h, 13 February Reply

    How sweet! I do adore that shade of pink on you. Just lovely.

    Cute doggie too : )


    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:02h, 13 February Reply

      Thanks Suzanne! I posted it on FB awhile ago, and just mentioned it to my hubby. My pup just HAD to be in the spotlight! have a great weekend xx

  • Amy Ann
    Posted at 08:40h, 13 February Reply

    What a fun surprise from your sweet hubby. I love the coat! Colored outerwear has been so fun this year.

    Amy Ann
    The Real Arnolds

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:01h, 13 February Reply

      Thank Amy! Me too. I was in love with this when I saw it! I love different colors in coats. xx

  • thedollhousev
    Posted at 08:21h, 13 February Reply

    You look so darling, gorgeous coat. I hope you have a marvellous Valentine’s Day my dear xx

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 10:01h, 13 February Reply

      Thank you! you too! Please let me k now when ur blog is up and I will follow you too! xx

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