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Spring Makeup Dupes I Am Loving- Like the Real Thing but Less!


Isn’t it fun to refresh or add a few new bits of Spring makeup about now? I’m sharing some makeup dupes for some of the Spring products you might be wanting to try. And there every bit as good!

Spring Makeup Dupes I am Loving – All for Less

I love certain product lines like Charlotte Tilbury but find it tough sometimes to want to pay nearly $40 for a lipstick. So, I am sharing some dupes today that are close to the real thing and cost a good deal less.

Why is it that lipsticks are always a pick me up? If I feel lousy, that is the first thing I look for in the makeup isle.

What is Ms, Tilbury’s #1 selling lipstick shade? Did you guess Pillow Talk?

Its a soft nude pink lipstick that goes with every skin tone. Well, I have a dupe for you. I have been looking for similar shades and came across this beautiful pink from Milani.  At $10 its a steal and truly looks as good.

I also wear Charlotte’s Pillow Talk Medium, which is a slightly darker pigmented rosy pink. Dupe to the rescue! Another shade by Milani that is a darker rose pink is

Her Flawless Filter is $49 and I do love a pretty glow. ELF Halo Glow gives the same beautiful glow for a fraction of the price. I use the fair and put some under my eye and also on my cheekbones for a pretty, dewy look.

I’m also using Maybelline Age Rewind as a dupe for Charlotte Tibury’s Contour Highlighter wand.

If you find that is too much “glow” to your liking, choose one of the products, and I always feel “less is more”.

Let’s talk about lip pencils. I have bought more expensive lip pencils, but I find this one by Rimmel is excellent, and about $6! Its very creamy and glides on easily. Iv’e tried this lipliner by NYX, and don’t find it as good.

This cream blush from ELF is every bit as good as the Fenty cream blush, at a much lower cost. There are about 6 shades and I love Turks and Caicos a peachy brush that is wonderful on many complexions but looks lovely on fair skin.  Elf’s blush is highly pigmented, so a little goes a long way too.

My mainstay eyeshadow kits are two. I love Urban Decay and the Cherry Bomb set of pinks and peaches, along with the Naked Heat set with burnt orange, browns and gorgeous shades remniscent of a sunset. I also have the 3rd palette with more subdued pinks, and a Naked neutrals palette, which you can find as a pretty dupe for a fraction HERE.

The cherry palette, about $10 from Rimmel, has a wonderful array of most of the colors in UD.

What’s Happening?

Easter is right around the corner, we are going to my brother’s house, and my hubby’s birthday is the same day. I am making such progress with my pelvic floor PT and pudendal neuralgia, now it seems to be about managing it. We recently went to a Wine pickup party, had a great dinner, and I was able to sit ( with my cushion) the whole way there. ( 1.5 drive). Just have a few plans with my friend tonight, going to a new restaurant and shooting the breeze.

I am quite active on Instagram and social media, so if you don’t follow me there, please do. It really is  great place to meet the ladies over 40-50 and develop a community. More fashion inspo!

I can’t believe this is the last day of March, time seems to fly by. April there will be alot going on as well, with Easter, my Hubby’s birthday ( on Easter) and my girl Truffles turning 14! The weather is becoming more Spring-like and I’ll have to go shopping for potted flowers and plants. I hope you are enjoying this time of year.

Do you look for dupes of popular products or do you have to have the real thing? Let me know in the comments. 

Have a great weekend!
jess xx



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    Posted at 01:54h, 14 April Reply

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  • jodie
    Posted at 13:50h, 31 March Reply

    I rarely spend a ton of money on my makeup except foundation. And my all day lipstick except it’s still budget oriented since it’s Maybelline or Rimmel.

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:56h, 03 April Reply

      I love the Rimmel lipliner! Fantastic. Yes, my foundation and primer are higher end, but lipsticks I do love Loreal too.

    Posted at 10:27h, 31 March Reply

    Enjoyed this article very much!!! I use the dupes in make-up but the real thing for skincare!!! Why waste your money when you can get the same look for less?!! Sometimes you’ll even find the dupe lipsticks are more moisturizing which I personally prefer!!!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 12:57h, 03 April Reply

      That sounds quite wise! I have a tough time spending alot on lipsticks, so yes I go the drugstore route too. Good skin care is key!

  • Dawn
    Posted at 07:53h, 31 March Reply

    I do find that I am wearing even less makeup than I did before the pandemic.

    My dupes: Medusa’s makeup lipstick in Sugar Daddy is a good dupe for Pillow Talk and their Red Square is a great dupe for Mac Russian Red.

    I use Pacifica Dreamy Youth or It Cosemetics Confidence in a Cream as a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream that works just the same and has identical ingredients.

    I been using Color Pop pallettes instead of Tarte or Too Faced, both brands I love but cannot always afford. I avoid the sparkly shades except for a smidgen on the smooth part of lids or brow bone for highlight to avoid settling in my wrinkles!

    • Jess Jannenga
      Posted at 13:24h, 03 April Reply

      Thank you for your dupes! I am going to look for the It Cosmetics in a Cream. I just like my makeup to look natural! 🙂

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