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Beauty / 18.11.2016

holidaypicI do not go out on Black Friday. I avoid it like the Plague! One year, I do remember being at a Best Buy at 5 am, in Pittsburgh, freezing while waiting for a laptop that would never come. The claim to have "just run out" of the discounted item many of us were waiting for. I also didn't feel good about looking through the store as other people's elbows and shoulders ended up pushing their way through without an "excuse me" in sight. I thought, what is SO IMPORTANT that people are acting like this? I didn't feel right about being there, as there was NOTHING i needed so badly.Anyway, I do 98% of my shopping on-line, in my robe, with coffee in hand. I find it much less stressful. No crowds, lines, people running in different directions. I do end up going to Target for decor and  boxed Cards. My main point is, to make it less stressful on yourself. Stress, eating poorly, sleeping poorly can take a toll during this Holiday Season.