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Fashion / 27.08.2018

 Morning FriendsIt was one of those  semi-relaxing weekends along with errands and blog work. We visited our favorite wine bar, The Cottage, where the pups are more than welcome - and the "fur"-niture is equally dog friendly. We began going to The Cottage years ago, as it is beside one of our favorite restaurants on the Lake, North Harbour Club. We popped in on a whim one afternoon, looking for a cute place to sit and have just a glass of wine and enjoy the view of the harbour and various boats.The staff is so welcoming, we now tell the pups we are going to Grandma Trudys or to see Aunt Theresa.  What? You don't talk to your dogs? :-)  Regardless, it was a beautiful, cool night, with temps in the 70s and low humidity, and I would wear a very casual striped midi dress I bought from Target about 3 years ago.