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Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs, Uncategorized / 01.01.2016

lorna7 Happy New Year! I imagine you won't be surprised to know that I am not such a party til  the break of dawn type of girl, but still enjoy a fun New Years with some cocktails, earlier movie and watching the ball drop from Times Square.I am looking forward to 2016 and hope it is a great year for Health and hapinness for all of you! TYpically, my SPOTLIGHT ON: Over 40 Series is the last week of each month, but we all know how busy December gets! For the New Year, I hope to share with you new blog goals, a bit more about me personally, as you get to know me more through my blog as well, and new fashion topics.Today I want to introduce  you to Lorna Mai, a blogger friend, from  Color Queen. I am all for color, as surprisingly I used to wear mostly black. For myself, black is too stark against pale skin, so if I do, I like to wear a color close to my face. Let's hear what Lorna has to say about color and her blog. Later, this month I hope to share with you some of my New Year's Blog Goals.