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Uncategorized / 04.01.2016

IMG_0265Hello ladies!Welcome to 2016! I partied hard! It is amazing I am able to type this blog post. No, everyone! ahaha! I am sure you know me a bit by now, to know that I am not a party till the break of dawn-drink champagne until I fall over kind of girl! You all know I have to take meds for my illness, so if I make it up until midnight, it is amazing! Well, I did. We enjoyed a New Years Eve with the pups, drank champagne, ate sushi and watched the ball drop. My girl, Truffles shakes and gets so scared with fireworks, we try and calm her down. She stays awake all night just staring out the window, waiting for the next big boom! We had a good time though. Midnight rolls around, we say, Happy New Year, and I think by 12:03, I am in bed.
Spotlight On Over 40 Blogs, Uncategorized / 01.01.2016

lorna7 Happy New Year! I imagine you won't be surprised to know that I am not such a party til  the break of dawn type of girl, but still enjoy a fun New Years with some cocktails, earlier movie and watching the ball drop from Times Square.I am looking forward to 2016 and hope it is a great year for Health and hapinness for all of you! TYpically, my SPOTLIGHT ON: Over 40 Series is the last week of each month, but we all know how busy December gets! For the New Year, I hope to share with you new blog goals, a bit more about me personally, as you get to know me more through my blog as well, and new fashion topics.Today I want to introduce  you to Lorna Mai, a blogger friend, from  Color Queen. I am all for color, as surprisingly I used to wear mostly black. For myself, black is too stark against pale skin, so if I do, I like to wear a color close to my face. Let's hear what Lorna has to say about color and her blog. Later, this month I hope to share with you some of my New Year's Blog Goals.
Uncategorized / 15.08.2015

IMG_8406Happy to Co-Host with Megan of Fashionista Momma,I am sharing one of the looks I packed for my trip to Asheville, just to go out for drinks at nightIMG_8410When I first put this outfit on, especially the top, I thought of peach or orange sherbet. Not that sherbet is my favorite summer cold yummy treat, but it reminded me of when I was a kid, my mom would get those  large bowls of sherbet in the grocery store each summer It was Mom;s favorite treat! How can one go wrong when one puts on their #ootd and it reminds them of fond childhood memories?
Uncategorized / 03.08.2015

IMG_8174Hello LadiesThis post is going to be short but sweet. Hubby, Gibson and Truffles are going to the mountains. Asheville, a beautiful place where the Blue Ridge Parkway has miles and miles of scenic views. Where art and music are a mainstay. A laid back nature is mandatory. I hope to share with you some of my trip, places we go, food we eat, and fun to be had. I want to go tubing!In the meantime, today I have a post with a casual vibe. I hope to pair these shorts with a mixed pattern another time, but today loved the look of a vibrant orchid colored peplum top. I am a fan of peplum, as one can wear this sleeveless, or depending on what you one is comfortable with, put a button down collared top under it. The shorts in peach, pink, and orchid caught my eye because of the colors. I don't own alot of summer plaid
Uncategorized / 20.07.2015

 IMG_7925Hello Ladies,I hope everyone's weekend went well and you got out to enjoy the summer weather. It was pretty hot here in Charlotte, for me, anything above 90 is hot!! Today I was in the mood for some blue hues, and this ruffled top from The Limited just reminds me of sea blue waters, and crystal blue oceans.