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Fashion / 22.01.2016

IMG_0477Hello Ladies,I hope you had a great weekend. For me, January I could take it or leave it. Just kind of dreary and cold. I like to make the most of the weekend, so we decided to go to the Wine Maestro. I couldn't help but like the name to the new place, I suppose a metaphor for someone in charge for the composition of flavors, aroma, and taste of the wines. There are some similarities aren't there. If one decides to describe the flavor, the term is "notes" for wine terminology. I just know what I like. I can taste the obvious, if it was aged in an oak barrel vs stainless steel, fruit flavors etc. I enjoy wine tasting as I like to learn about the regions, the grapes etc. I suppose that is why I was a teacher as well, I like to learn new things.. My guitar instructor told me, there is always something to keep learning in life. I wouldn't go through the music program and say, "well, that's it! , I've learned all I can about jazz guitar!"The same can be said with fashion. There are always new things to learn. Today I am sharing a casual look wearing my Citizens of Humanity dark denim straights, a brown tweed jacket, and a pair of favorite casual leopard slip ons. Part of my goal this year with the blog is to continue to learn new things about fashion, new ways to style, new topics to explore or share. Today this is one of the ways I will style this ruffled, brown tweed jacket. A casual way one could wear this look to run errands, go out to the movies, lunch etc. I will also style this blazer in the future in a more dressy way.