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Fashion / 01.12.2017

 TGIF ladies!Now that the madness of Black Friday-Cyber Week-is over, I thought i would pick some gifts for women that you may enjoy and help to make shopping a bit easier. I am really looking forward to the Holidays this year, seeing my husband's family and bringing the puppies. If you are looking for a gift for your sister, a girlfriend, or mom or any woman in your life , I thought I would share some of my favorites. And of course, this is one of my favorites.Other ideas that are enjoyed are a gift to the theatre, play, musical,...

Beauty, Fashion / 16.12.2016

beautyHello LadiesToday I wanted to share with you a Gift Guide for Beauty or Makeup Lovers as there are some great deals on sets this time of year. With the Holidays nearly here, it can be that time you want to "Glamorize" your makeup for the Holiday Party or going out with friends. Perhaps you are just looking for some special gifts or want to take advantage of the sales and makeup kits that retailers put together at this time. Also, please check out my other Gift Guides if you need additional ideas:  GIFT GUIDE FOR HER,  GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM,  FITNESS GIFT GUIDE.
Fashion / 10.12.2016

fitnessfitness3fitness2Hello friends,I don't usually post on a Saturday, but since I didn't make the Friday post, I thought I would do so. I have put together a Gift Guide for the gym or workout enthusiast.  I also want to point out, I have created a GIFT GUIDE FOR HER and a GIFT GUIDE FOR HIM  if you are looking for ideas.  I have always worked out and was active in plenty of sports as a kid. Having EDS has made me tailor my workouts to activities that will not cause me more muscle pain. Now I swim and walk. The main thing for me has always been variety!  The idea is to find activities that are fun in order to keep motivated.
Fashion / 02.12.2016

 himgiftHello friendsAnother day, another gift guide to help make your shopping easier. I know it can be tough buying for guys. Maybe he doesn't like clothes that much and is into everything electronic. I know my hubby has gotten into cooking more this year, with Blue Apron meals, boosting his "cooking confidence" and making some gourmet meals.  I am sharing today some of those gifts for him for the Holidays. If you missed my Gift Guide for HER, click HERE.
Fashion / 25.11.2016

giftguideHi friends!I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I think i am still stuffed! I made  these delicious Caramel Apple Mimosas and had my sister and family over for dinner. Good times! I know tomorrow is Black Friday and I don't go NEAR a mall, or venture out shopping at all. I am not a fan of crowds, that feeling of there being something I MUST have, as I think the meaning of the holidays dissapear with all of the madness! I'm bringing you the first of my Gift Guides today.