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Fashion / 07.03.2016

My Balenciaga City bag in Rose, pink roses you may see again ( wink) and new green emerald heels from ModclothlHello Ladies, It's Monday already!Just a bit of a fun post, sharing some of my favorite recent Instagram Photos. If you do not follow me, and miss some of my posts, or want to see other photos of my visits to Vineyards, lots of fashion, fashion, and more fashion. Plus puppies. I wanted to give you a peek into some of the things I enjoy . This is a recent pic my hubby took for IG as my desire for...

Fashion / 08.09.2015

**** Credit Vogue Magazine*** #NYFW Instagram***Hello Ladies!No sooner do I get back from Asheville, am I going to be attending for the first time in my life, New York Fashion Week!#NYFW I will be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak, as my brother, Tim, lives in NY and I will be able to visit him and his wife for the first time since they moved there. I am attending two shows, going to some events, and will be sharing them with you in shorter posts, and much on #socialmedia!Please follow me on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER  for the most...

Fashion / 31.07.2015

 51MwOdQ0fiL._SX300_Hello Ladies!Last Day of July. Hard to is that time of year for back to school and the closer I get to August, I start to think, soon there will be cooler weather However, I am getting this pink flamingo for the pool. I just HAVE too!  I saw it on IG and either want it or the white swan! So I will take up 1/3rd of the pool with it, but  a girls gotta do , what a girls gotta do!  I wanted to take today to share with you some of my favorite outfits from July as the month did seem to go by as well as some of my Instagram Favorites from recent.