Italy - Elegantly Dressed and Stylish
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Lifestyle, Personal / 29.07.2022

 I am sharing 10 travel items I have bought for our trip to Europe, today on the blog. Altri Due Mese! (2 more months!)<! --more--> Ready to Get Away Before I get into what I have purchased for our trip; I want to know, are you itching to travel? " Have you gone somewhere this summer, or are you planning a Fall getaway?I will be sharing my "capsule wardrobe" the closer we get to our vacation (October 3rd) and how I am packing.In the meantime, let me tell you what I found to be good advice and what I bought for this...

Lifestyle, Personal, Places / 05.10.2018

 Happy Friday friends!Just back from PA last night, and I am beat! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.As I write this, I was hoping to finish our final steps in preparation for a visit to Italy in the Fall. We had planned on visiting Rome and the Almalfi Coast, staying in the Sorrento area. My hubby has begun his Italian journey by studying Italian on an app called Duo Lingo. As I witnessed some of his lessons, I thought to myself, "sure it is fun to learn another language, especially if one is to visit the area." However, having learned mostly individual vocabulary words of Spanish in high school, with little context and communication, I thought, It would be best to focus on those phrases I would most likely USE and NEED in Italy.