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Fashion / 26.09.2018

Morning Ladies,Before I talk about Foxcroft, I should say, thank you to everyone who let me know about my site and wondered when it would be up. It has been a technology nightmare! The Data Center that hosts my blog, along with about 1,000 other sites had a major outage and had to restore all of the sites. This took days. I was so frustrated, and fortunately, with all of the glitches that also came along with getting the site back up, I have a very very patient IT hubby, that kept me more calm. It took so much time as they had to restore everything and there were mistakes made. Anyhow, it seems things are back in order. But I will need to work on the posts that I lost.Who here loves to iron? Maybe you consider to be like gardening-relaxing and rewarding seeing the outcome. A crisp, newly pressed fresh shirt. Or, maybe you would rather just have shirts that don't wrinkle! I go for door #2. When contacted me about a collaboration, I decided to choose 3 different shirts for a variety of looks in my wardrobe. These shirts are non-iron or wrinkle-free, which sounds good to me!