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Beauty, Personal / 03.08.2018

Happy Friday Ladies!Well, it is hard to believe we are in August already! Lots of family plans/obligations in the Fall months and we are planing a trip in October! I think everyone needs a holiday, as it certainly helps with our mental health and enjoyment in life! Today I thought, since summer is still here, and we are still wearing bathing suits, that I would talk about body positivity after 50.
Fashion / 10.06.2016

summeressentialsHello LadiesHappy Weekend! Well,  since the heat is on , I thought it time to put together a list to get one started on some summer essentials. Swimsuits purchases may be made easier by mixing and matching tops and bottoms, or seeing what best suits us. Anyhow, I picked some items that I either have or would be needing for the Summer Months.  Although, not particularly fashion, sunscreen is a must! Gone are my days of being a teenager and horrifyingly using baby oil to get a "tan" ( Read: Burn!) With fair skin, or without, sunscreen is essential to keep one's skin healthy . I hope you enjoy my list to get you started with the summer months! These are just a few things to get one started on their summer needs.