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Beauty / 03.02.2017

Hello Friends,Yes, this is a different post! No elegant outfit, styled hair or fashion trends today. I am going to be talking about my experience with the office of Dr Jennifer Wells  and First Impressions Denistry, a dentist's office in Kannapolis, NC. I live in Huntersville, NC, so this was only a 40 minute drive to their office.  *This is a Sponsored Post as I was gifted the POLA whitening service, take home treys and gel in exchange for this post all opinions are truthful and my own
Beauty / 25.06.2015

home-thumb-custom-whitening-traysToday I am talking to you about a product I was given the opportunity to try, called Smile Brilliant. I have wanted to look into teeth whitening before, asked my dentist, and he told me I was about the second or 3rd whitest on the teeth scale, when they bring out the tooth colors, so at that time I didn't feel the rush. However, I am now quite excited to share the experience I had with Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit. They have been featured in Forbes mag. as one product to try at home.