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Fashion / 11.09.2017

Happy Monday friends,I hope everyone had a great weekend and is staying safe where you are. It was supposed to hit our area in NC but has traveled west of us. I had been looking forward to seeing Stephen King's movie "It" as soon as I saw the preview. I wanted to see it for my Dad, as he was a big Stephen King fan. He read most of his books, so we were going to see it and I was going to toast my Dad! I love psychological thrillers, and the story looked great, even if this girl might have her hand in front of her face through part of the film! Great movies generally come out this time of year, as does the Fashion! ( like the segway?)
Fashion, Link Up / 06.09.2016

 IMG_8733IMG_8731Hello Ladies!I hope everyone is doing well. We had our first weekend here, where we didn't feel like we spent hours in a sweat lodge! It was mid 70s and mid 80s, which is a bit cooler than it has been . I love to walk in the woods, pups in tow and just enjoy nature and quiet. We decided to go to King's Mountain, about an hour's drive, go for a short hike and have a picnic lunch.As far as today's outfit, I am sharing Denim Look #2, with the Mid waisted flared jeans, with a medium wash, super soft denim.  I have purchased dark denim clean flares, with no distressing,  just a dark rinse that I will share another time, a dressier style. I thought these were pretty cool, and I have always liked flares, just haven't worn them much on the blog yet. It has been too hot to layer as of late, so I decided to wear this brown plaid  vest for added pattern interest, and my nod to Fall, even though it hasn't hit here yet.! I mixed some floral and stripes in yesterday's blog post HERE, so check that out when you get a chance.