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Fashion / 20.02.2017

 HI Ladies,Here we are nearing the later parts of Winter, and I thought it would be time for me to take out one of my favorite tweed jackets before it got to warm in the season. We had 70 degree temps this weekend and I was able to go out and enjoy one of the days with the puppies in tow. They look so happy, tails up, and I think if they could smile, they would! We have plenty of Green ways and trails near our house that we enjoy walking, the one thing I do miss, that we had in Pittsburgh, we rails to trails. The old railroad tracks were converted into walking and biking trails and we used them often. I think just being outside, uplifts my mood.
Fashion / 29.10.2015

IMG_9367Hello LadiesYes, another fall blazer in my collection!. I add some each year, as I find colors in this jacket very "fall" , like leaves on the trees with the olive, rust, orange, yellows and browns interwoven in this Layfayette149NY jacket. The necklace you saw on me last week from Sylca Designs adding more bronze and brown to this fall look. I want to share with you a brief history on Tweed, as it is one of Fall's trends and favorite textiles. ย Take notes ladies! ( Ok, the former teacher in me, will digress)