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Fashion / 18.06.2018

 Morning!I am still on the road, making my way back to Charlotte tonight. I am exhausted from the trip, it took us 10 hours to get to the Burgh. and probably the same to get back. The pups were so good, just sleeping all of the way. We had a surprise birthday party for my mom, as myself and my siblings have been planning for awhile.ย  we brought my mom back to Charlotte, for some relaxation and to hang out with my sis and I. You can read a bit more about it tomorrow.Pastels for Spring is something that seems to be popular every year. I decided to wear a soft pink shell, but bring it to life by adding thisย  colorful watercolor skirt. If you are going to wear a pastel and have fair skin, this is one way of adding some "oomph' to your look. Your eye is brought to the colors in the skirt, even if the top is more subdued.